The Rise of Goodness

I created this image to celebrate all those who are standing up for decency and condemning the fascists in the US and their endorsement by the despicable, utterly corrupt Donald Trump.

The events since last weekend have indeed been awful but from bad has come good – so many people have been galvanised to stand up, organise and resist the neo-fascists, while Trump has cooked his goose well and truly with his disgusting endorsement of white supremacy.

So the image above has certain symbology: below are the waters of emotional turmoil but also emotional support for each other. Above are the stars which shower us with grace, love, compassion and optimism. Running through the centre is a river of light, illuminating hope and right action against the forces of evil.

And central is an image of Ganesh, the Indian god. I had intended to use a photo I’d taken in Australia of a spider and its web, to represent Spider Woman spinning a new society. But then I came across the image of Ganesh and it was so apt I decided on that instead.

Ganesh is the destroyer of vanity, selfishness and pride. He is the remover of obstacles and also the symbol of abundance but right abundance – sourced from love and compassion and not profane worship of money. Interestingly, he also places obstacles in the path of those who need to be checked. I thought this was most appropriate in current circumstances.



Grace of Ages


I created this image from a photo I took of St Evlalios Church, a deserted church on the site of Lambousa, an ancient port on the north coast of North Cyprus. It’s about 5 minutes up the coast from where we live in Alsancak, close to the historic port of Kyrenia. The photo is superimposed over morning clouds on the coast of Turkey, with gizmos from PicMonkey and BeFunky adding light to recall times when the church was full of the energies of those at prayer inside the building.

The church foundations originate in the 2nd-9th centuries with the final version being built in the 16th century.  Close to this church stand Akhiropiitos Monastery, built originally on an early Christian basilica of the 6th century and re-built several times; as well as the rock chapel of St Evlambios which is carved from a single block of limestone.

I’m not a religous person in the least – for me the spiritual is personal and an expression of my heart for which my soul and spirit is responsible. It doesn’t, however, stop me visiting churches and cathedrals and enjoying the feeling the power of so many people over decades and, perhaps, centuries pouring devotional energies into the sacred spaces.

I also admire the grace of the many mosques here in North Cyprus.  I love the azan, or call to prayer – sometimes, if I’m awake around 5.15 I hear the hoca (pro. hodja) with his call to prayer and it feels full of divinity in the quiet of the morning.



Divinity of the Soul

Divinity of the Soul

I have the firm belief that all of us have a spark of Divinity within us, whether we want to call it the soul, the higher self, the inner voice or whatever has meaning for you.  So this is for whatever lights your life and helps you in your way amid the highs and lows, successes and challenges of life on Planet Earth.

Amazing Grace

I found a canvas I’d created a while back of a sky scene and added over it an image of a pale purple/pink geranium flower, an image from the “Water” gizmo on PicMonkey and then another layer of butterflies. Looking at this photo reminded me of the loving song “Amazing Grace” and also how grace can enter our lives at the most unexpected times and help us walk our walk and talk our talk that much more easily.

Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace

Breaking the Shell

In 1996, on 2nd July (I remember the date because it was my father’s birthday), I fell and broke my leg and ankle.  Subsequently I spent six weeks in an isolated rural area, alone all day as my husband was away working, listening to the beautiful song of the butcher birds and magpies, enjoying the bright sunshine of a perfect Queensland winter, drawing mandalas and completely changing the course of my life.

My friend gave me this card with the words; “Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding” from Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet. It was absolutely appropriate for me at that stage in my life, and it has now reappeared as I’ve been doing some re-assessment of my life and its direction over the past couple of weeks or so.  I was going through old photos and other mementos the other day when I came across the artwork I’d kept on the front of the card.

Glastonbury. Art by Peter Pracownik
Glastonbury. Art by Peter Pracownik

The wording from The Prophet is just as appropriate for me today given the fact I’ve been quite sick this past fortnight or so with a rather diabolical stomach bug. It brought me to a screaming halt but also gave me the opportunity to re-assess what I’m doing, what I have done and where I’m heading.

I love creating digital art and I’ve decided that will be my focus from now on.  Given my mobility and fibromyalgia health challenges, working on the computer is physically comfortable and requires little in the way of extra materials.  I’m going to continue to post digital art every day, where possible, create framed art for sale on eBay and Etsy, and offer personalised digital art. It feeds my heart and soul.

I’ve also felt the pull for more quiet, reflective time, and to nurture my connections with the spiritual energies in my life. a lodestone for me and it’s been pushed into the background for a while but reasserted its presence as my focus on digital art as inspirational and visionary art has increased.

As a result, I decided to sell all my conventional art gear and, in a sure sign it was the right thing to do, it walked out of the door the next day with a friend who bought the lot – paints, pastels, art pencils, glitter, stickers, brushes and blank canvases – as a gift for her friend who has just started working with art.

I’m also selling my crystals. While I still love them and will be keeping my favourites, I have hundreds and feel I need to lighten my life. The crystal workshop I held recently, and which I did enjoy, really did a number on my back and hip pain, and my body is indicating it’s time to move to another part of my life. So I’m offering my crystals pretty much as a job lot and we’ll see how they go!

It’s also well into Spring here now, have just packed away my winter jumpers, and I’m feeling very positive about future directions in my life. So I’m back on board but carrying far less weight on my shoulders than I did prior to the stomach bug acting as a wake-up and clear-out call!

By the way, if you’re interested, Peter Pracownik has his own web page with the most beautiful art if you feel like visiting and admiring his gifted work.