Rock Dreaming

This image was developed from a photo of rock layers. I’ve added in the images of birds as they are symbolic of communication and flight into the unknown as well as an image of the Moon representing the Mysteries resonant in life on Mother Earth.

It seems to me that the Spirit of Rock, whatever form it takes on Planet Earth,  is the holder of information throughout the eons of Earth’s existence. Rock Elders are  guardians of wisdom through the ages, something we can often overlook as rock communication is subtle and symbolic rather than the oral language we are more accustomed to use to communicate.

The green in this image reflects growth, healing and continuity, something that is easy to overlook given the turmoil on Earth at present. The pink colour relates to the power of Love and its transcendence above the mundane.


Canyons of Courage: Stone Guardians of Urban Life.

I’ve got a photo of rocks on Langi Beach, WA, but which I’m unable to trace to any particular spot, certainly  not in Western Australia, as far as I can ascertain. Nevertheless, the rock formations are stunning, as if earth energies frozen in time are listening to prayers for grace led by one particularly large stone.

So I’ve worked on the image of these stone formations with Toolwiz, then superimposed them on an urban landscape to reflect the concept of stones standing as guardians for earth energy in cities and built-up areas around the world.

The concept is indivisibility between urban and rural landscapes, however separate they may seem to be at first glance. All energies are interwoven and particular rock formations act as channels of earth energy and as guardians of urban life.

Elemental Pendant

We have building works going on right beside us creating enormous amounts of dust and noise, so I decided to bring inside the crystals and stones I had on a table on the verandah beside my office. I have had a huge piece of petrified wood for years, since I lived in Boonah, south-east Queensland. It’s from Mt French, the big mountain close to Boonah, and a friend gave it to me. This time, as I picked it up, a piece broke off much to my suprise. However, I held it and felt it was calling to be made into a pendant, a grounding piece of the earth element with links to earth elementals.

So I painted it with gold and rainbow glitter nail polish, something I wouldn’t normally do as I like my stones au naturel, but these seemed to inspire a connection with the earth elememtals. Then I added a gold wrap, an aquamarine stone to honour water elementals, and clear and purple Swarovski-type flatbacks to represent the spiritual connections of this pendant.

This piece has a very powerful, ground energy with deep links within Mother Earth.  She also keeps me connected with Australia where I lived for over 40 years.

Once in a Blue Moon

once-in-a-blue-moon I was looking at this image and wondering about a title when my husband wandered in, looked at the digital art and said: “What are you going to call this? Once in a Blue Moon?”

And I thought: “Spot on, mate!”.

Because I created this piece of digital art from a photo I had of a waterfall at Durness in far north Scotland and, as far as I’m concerned, I would only visit this village again once in a blue moon.

Why? Well, my then boyfriend and I toured Scotland prior to travelling to Australia for a working holiday in 1972 (and I stayed 40+ years!), and as we heading from east to west across the top of Scotland, we decided we’d stop off at Durness.  Except it was so small (got no idea if it’s grown since then) that we almost missed the small sign pointing to what was then a tiny settlement.

We hopped out of our car, freezing in the bitterly cold wind whizzing around our heads, and rushed into the pub we’d tracked down looking for a meal and a warm-up. Well, the meal wasn’t bad, standard pub fare of the time, but all the windows were wide open, the place was absolutely freezing, and all the locals were standing around in heavy-duty sweaters (not even coats, they were impervious to the cold) not taking a bit of notice of the cold wind whistling around the interior of the pub.

We stuffed the food down our throats and were out of that pub like greased lightning and hared off down the road with the car heating turned to the highest possible. There are two times I’ve felt as cold as this since: in early 1978 when we went to China and went out onto an oil field where the temperatures were -27C; and in 2002-3 when we lived in Rosehearty on the north-east coast of Scotland up from Aberdeen and near Fraserburgh, where a bitterly old wind from the Arctic seemed to blow incessantly. When the locals started sunbaking in shorts and singlets at 16C, we looked at each other (we’d moved from sub-tropical Queensland, Australia), said: “We’re outta here” and moved down to the north of England to live!

As it happens, I can see the Old Fae of the falls looking out, protecting the landscape and pouring her energy into revitalising the earth, and I honour her. But no, like I said, I’ll go back to Durness once in a blue moon!

Lord of the Realms of the Waters

Lord of the Water Realms

This is an image inspired by a really beautiful waterfall.  PicMonkey has a new gizmo in its “Effects” section called “Mirror” which I’ve found fascinating when working with elemental energies. It’s as if you can pull apart the surface image to find below the elemental waiting to be revealed.

In this image, you can see the face of the Lord of the Realms of the Waters which is what this Elemental demanded to be called.  I went for Lord of the Waters first off, but no – his full title is “Lord of the Realms of the Waters”. The moon is included as well as clouds at the base as these are related to the waters of Planet Earth.

Call me as nutty as a fruitcake if you like, but one thing I’ve learned in my many years of metaphysical learning and Tarot reading, it’s to heed what I hear and reproduce it without allowing my intellect to interfere.



Creativity 2 I was playing around today with a photo of painted rocks taken by Tammy Vitale in the US, then added an eagle flying. I decided to all it “Creativity” to reflect the joy  we feel when creativity carries us along on the great winds of inspiration.

Then I started playing with overlays in piZap, liked all the images and, since the theme was “Creativity”, decided to include them all to have fun and show how images an easily be changed in digital art software.

I was thinking about creativity because I saw an article by someone bemoaning the use of Photoshop and other digital editing suites in downgrading “real” art. I did used to think that, if you didn’t sweat over a canvas, you weren’t creating real art, but now I’ve discovered the joys of digital art, I have – of course – changed my mind.

For myself, digital art and the array of programmes now available – like Pixlr, PicMonkey, BeFunky, Fotor and piZap – allow me to get the images in my head out into concrete form in a way I’m not able to do on canvas. I can’t sit at a canvas for a long time, due to physical challenges and, being on a basic age pension, I can’t afford the materials needed for artwork. Also there are only very basic art supplies available in North Cyprus, I often drool over the materials I see so easily available in the US, Australia and the UK.

I also think there’s a bit of snobbery in the belief that the only good art is one created on canvas with years of training and the sweat of your brow. And if the ordinary folk like it and popularise it, then it can’t be good art. Oh, bollocks to that!

Don’t get me wrong – I think training is good if that’s your fancy, but so often I see work by self-taught artists which is absolutely brilliant and didn’t emerge from art degrees and art colleges and leave you bowed down with debt.

So I am now happy to puddle along with creating images from nature and the world of the fae with the digital art programmes I’ve found on the internet. I seldom use Photoshop or Corel, because I find the swag of modern digital art programmes now available much easier to use and far more flexible.  Horses for courses – whatever you feel comfortable with, but I am so over the art snobbery which permeates some of the upper echelons of the art world.

Whatever floats your boat – enjoy!


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