Sandstorm Scenes

You may have read about the huge sandstorm which engulfed the Middle East last week, including Cyprus.  Here are some of the photos I took and others on the internet of the sandstorm from the air and also in Jeddah. In places the approaching sandstorm looked apocalyptic, almost like an air-borne tsunami. Here the dust … More Sandstorm Scenes

Home Again

I got back to North Cyprus on Wednesday last week but had such a hectic time during my short stay in London for my third reunion with university friends that I decided to give myself a good rest. I’m not sure what happens to me in the UK but something gets activated. When I lived … More Home Again

Crow Capers

I am absolutely delighted to post today a photo of a Hooded Crow which is native to North Cyprus and other parts of Eastern Europe.  I have tried so many times to get a photo of these birds when they’ve been strutting around in the paddock beside our apartment but it’s like they have an … More Crow Capers

Of Birds & Beasties 2

Here I’ve included the various frogs, snakes and other odds and sods we’ve encountered in our various travels. All photos of snakes and spiders are not taken by me, by the way, for obvious reasons! Warning: photos of snakes and spiders – if you don’t like these, don’t read on!