Light of the Fae

I dithered about posting this image for a long while as I simply didn’t get a really appropriate description. Then I returned to  PicMonkey, added in some illumination and a frame, and voila!  the name popped up straight away: “Light of the Fae”. The light radiates from a photo I took of a Dow clear … More Light of the Fae


This is a crystal mandala for steadfastness. The central stone is raw selenite fossicked in the Gibson desert, Australia,for emotional support and release of negative emotions. On it are three fluorite octagons for clarity of purpose. At top is a statue of the Buddha to encourage wisdom in all dealing. A large kyanite blade from … More Steadfastness

Live Your Dream

I created a piece of digital art which didn’t look finished, then fished out this photo of a Dow crystal and superimposed it – wah-lah! Image finalised. A Dow crystal is one which has three faces, each with seven sides, and in between each side is a triangle.  It’s a 7-3-7-3-7-3 formation, named after Jane … More Live Your Dream