Elemental Pendant

We have building works going on right beside us creating enormous amounts of dust and noise, so I decided to bring inside the crystals and stones I had on a table on the verandah beside my office. I have had a huge piece of petrified wood for years, since I lived in Boonah, south-east Queensland. It’s from Mt French, the big mountain close to Boonah, and a friend gave it to me. This time, as I picked it up, a piece broke off much to my suprise. However, I held it and felt it was calling to be made into a pendant, a grounding piece of the earth element with links to earth elementals.

So I painted it with gold and rainbow glitter nail polish, something I wouldn’t normally do as I like my stones au naturel, but these seemed to inspire a connection with the earth elememtals. Then I added a gold wrap, an aquamarine stone to honour water elementals, and clear and purple Swarovski-type flatbacks to represent the spiritual connections of this pendant.

This piece has a very powerful, ground energy with deep links within Mother Earth.  She also keeps me connected with Australia where I lived for over 40 years.

Love Actually

grounding-loveHere’s another crystal mandala I created yesterday. I did create one late last week but felt it was really heavy – perhaps reflecting the fact we’ve been having a difficult time with unpleasant neighbours.

Anyway, yesterday I added a lovely pashmina which my step-daughter gave me – she bought it in Brick Lane, London, which is a multicultural centre so for me represents the gifts of friendship and love from various cultures which have enriched my life. At the back is a figurine which represents earth love for me. In the centre is my Tibetan singing bowl which represents the power of sound as a healing medium. Beside the figurine are two raw rose quartz rocks which carry the energies of love as a transformative power. Beside the bowl are two pieces of ochre for the creative power of the earth element. Either side of the bowl’s stick are a pair of Lake Superior tube agates, for the flow of earth energy in our bodies, and around the outside of the mandala are plain rocks which I’ve found while fossicking as well as a plain rock with a beautiful inlaid pattern which my daughter in Scotland gifted me.

Ordinary rocks to me are still part of Mother Earth’s wealth as well as reminding us that beauty can be found anywhere when you look with open eyes and forget superficial ideas of beauty. Right at the front is a whale fossilised ear bone, to remind us that we stand on the creations of the past as we create our own artistic offerings in the present and for future generations.

The uniting power is the gift of love which is transformative, supportive and the engine of the universe.

Crystal Mandala: Friendship

Friendship MandalaWe got woken up in the early hours of this morning by our neighbour asking us to call an ambulance as his wife was very ill.  Sadly, by the time the ambulance got here our friend and neighbour had passed away, likely from a heart attack.  We have lost someone we treasured and who’s passing into the realms of spirit has left a big gap in our lives.

I want to pay tribute firstly to our friend: she was lovely lady who was kind, generous, sensitive, had a great sense of humour and of the ridiculous, always looked terrific, and who enriched our lives by her friendship.  A few days ago, she popped in to visit us in the evening, and to gift us a glass ornament from Caithness in Scotland which she’d had for 30-odd years and which she wanted us to have as a thank-you for something we’d done which pleased her no end. We are so glad we had that time with our friend and that we have her gift to remind us of the good memories we have of our friendship.

Secondly, I created this mandala today to honour friendship and the loving ties with our friends.  We have moved around a lot being Geriatric Gypsies, and in the process have met so many wonderful friends who have made our lives that much greater and richer for their presence.  I include not just people I’ve met in person but also people with whom I’ve come in contact through the internet, Facebook and this blog. There are no limits to the global village in which we now live and where the tyranny of distance has dissolved so much in recent times.

Value your friends while you have them in your life.  Feel the love for those who honour and hold you dear in their hearts. And send out love to all those who you hold dear in your life. Because, as this morning’s event shows, you don’t know what will happen each day and how quickly life can turn topsy-turvy.

This mandala evolved as follows:

The cover is a sarong which my long-term friend in Perth, Australia, gifted me receheartntly. It represents the foundations and richness of friendship.

At the back is a large, clear-quartz cluster representing the energetic connections with our friends, whether we are in physical or energetic contact.

The two orange candles represent the joy and happiness of friendship.

In front of the quartz cluster is a very pretty glass container which was gifted to me by a young woman I treated with Reiki while I lived in Boonah in 1999. Sadly she died of a brain tumour which had been incorrectly diagnosed.  On the container is a candle holder with the word “Love” to remind us of the power of love in friendships. And resting on the glass container is a small bear and a little book of quotes about friends which were gifted to me by friends I made while living in the UK, upon my return to Australia.

In the centre is the glass dome our friend gifted to us prior to her passing. In front of that is a sphere of Girasol quartz. This was one of the first crystals I bought on US Ebay and it reminds me of Jupiter, and the serenity this planet and the Girasol engender in me. Whatever happens, friendship extends beyond Planet Earth into the realms of Spirit.

The feathers represent the energies which can move through time and space, without the limits of the physical realms. Friendship can help lift us to a better version of who we are.

The crow feathers remind us of the mystery of life. The two coloured feathers are from Rainbow Lorikeets to remind us of the laughter, support and communication we encounter in friendships. The white feather represents the higher energies which can flow in friendship exchange.

The two raw rose quartz stones embody the power of love. The two blue/turquoise stones include chrysocolla, emotional support. The pink and white calcite and pink pollucite with lepidolite represent again the healing power of love. The Kullie Rose quartz from the Himalayas embodies the heights we can reach when we work with the power of love, while the Angel Aura quartz reminds us of the angelic energies supporting us in the unseen realms.



Crystal Mandala: Conflict Resolution

Conflict ResolutionWe (my husband and I) have been in a difficult situation with other people which has been quite draining and stressful for us. So today I felt drawn to create a crystal mandala for conflict resolution.

At the very back of the table is a large piece of sea quartz with a lepidolite inclusion. My daughter found it on a farm she was visiting when we were living in North-East Scotland in 2003.  It represents the link of love between us which is why I included it to send out rays of loving energies.  On one side of the rock is my collection of feathers – to represent birds sending out the communication of conflict resolution. On the other side is a small vase of dried sage for the clearing of stagnant energies.

In front of the sea quartz is a statue of a monk, another gift from my daughter, which we – my  husband and I – consider extends peace and blessings. On one side of the statue is a small figure of an angel for angelic support. On the other is a small statue of Isis, goddess of rebirth and creation (new relations). In front of these are two pieces of amethyst for spiritual input.

Either side of the table are round satin spar spheres, a wedding present for us, representing clearing of stagnant energies and our unity in the face of the challenges were facing.

In the centre of the mandala is my Dow crystal which I mentioned in my previous post – a beacon of light and healing. Either side of this crystal is a wand of purple jasper, which provides sustenance at times of stress.  On the other side is a wand of copper tubing with clear quartz chips inside and a Herkimer diamond at each end, to focus the energies of healing and reconciliation into our surroundings.

There are three amethyst rocks for spiritual guidance and then at the front a pink danburite for healing and letting go of stress and tension.

Whether conflict resolution is possible or not is debatable. Hopefully this mandala will help with healing, letting go of stress and tension, and an easing of difficult relations.

So mote it be.

Light of the Fae

Light of the Fae

I dithered about posting this image for a long while as I simply didn’t get a really appropriate description. Then I returned to  PicMonkey, added in some illumination and a frame, and voila!  the name popped up straight away: “Light of the Fae”.

The light radiates from a photo I took of a Dow clear quartz crystal in my rock collection. The name “Dow” was given to this type of crystal by Katrina Raphaell, a pioneer in crystal healing, in honour of her friend JaneAnn Dow, another pioneer of crystal healing.

The crystal has a termination of 3 x 7 sides with 3 triangles in between.  Three is considered a number of the Trinity, mind/body/spirit, divinity, optimism, fun. Seven is inner wisdom, rebirth, contemplation.

When you then start adding the numbers in the Dow faces, you get 3 x 3 = 9, which relates to humanitarianism, communication, tolerance, wisdom. If you add the 3 x 7-sided faces together, you get 21= 2 + 1 = 3. If you then add all the faces together you get 30 which is 3 + 0 = 3.

My Dow crystal is quite amazing to work with – powerful, graceful, healing, centring. Which is why I felt drawn to superimpose it over the green image, representing the power and light of the Fae emerging from the eddies of cosmic energy empowered by the presence of ancient forests.

This is the photo of my Dow crystal:

Dow crystal 1






This is a crystal mandala for steadfastness.

The central stone is raw selenite fossicked in the Gibson desert, Australia,for emotional support and release of negative emotions. On it are three fluorite octagons for clarity of purpose. At top is a statue of the Buddha to encourage wisdom in all dealing. A large kyanite blade from the Hart Ranges in the Northern Territory, Australia, is top left for wisdom to flow through all my energy centres. A figure representing the Hermit in the Tarot, inner wisdom, is top right. Moving from right to left, is a Messina Ajoite in Quartz rock for sourcing to earth energy;  then a Rose Quartz rock to remind myself to be kind to me; a Labradorite sphere for truth in communication;  an elestial Amethyst point also from the Hart Ranges for spiritual support;  a Ruby in Zoisite sphere for energy; a raw Lavender Rose quartz Rock for emotional sustenance; and an amethyst for spiritual support. Connecting these are raw fluorite chips to encourage mind/body/spirit connection. In the centre, around the selenite is a ruby sphere to prevent my energy being drained;  a girasol sphere to support justice in my current situation, two prophecy stones to see the essence of the  situation I’m dealing with involving difficult people;  and a piece or raw copper to sustain my energies. Scattered among the stones are purple flatback crystals for lightness of heart, soul and spirit.

I did create an earlier version of this but it felt too heavy and unfocused. So I removed some stones and ended up with this final version.


Live Your Dream

Live Your dream

I created a piece of digital art which didn’t look finished, then fished out this photo of a Dow crystal and superimposed it – wah-lah! Image finalised.

A Dow crystal is one which has three faces, each with seven sides, and in between each side is a triangle.  It’s a 7-3-7-3-7-3 formation, named after Jane Ann Dow, a crystal worker in the ‘sixties and thereafter. Each number has it’s own energy – three is considered the sign of the trinity – mind, body, spirit, expansion and communication; seven is considered a mystical number symbolising spiritual commitment, wisdom and rebirth.  Each 7-3 formation reduces to 10 which reduces to 1 (1+0 = 1) which symbolises new beginnings, confidence and creativity.

The whole image relates to living your dream – to ensuring you walk the path of your spiritual dreaming, to walk your destiny and create that which calls to your heart and soul.