Magickal Blessings Box

Way back when I lived in Woodenbong, on the far north border of New South Wales, I ordered a wooden box for my essential oils. It was well-made, heavy and great for my oils until we moved to North Cyprus. I pulled out the partitions and packed all my jewellery inside as it was so sturdy, and used a plastic box to hold my oils.

And then a couple of weeks ago I saw someone decorating woodwork and though it was time to cheer up my wooden box which was very plain indeed. I had been using it for jewellery but, as with the essential oils, my jewellery decamped to a plastic box.

I painted my box purple (what else????) but found a brush didn’t provide proper cover so used a sponge which really did the trick. Then I dabbed on some pink glittery paint blobs. I had just received in the post some sew-one patches to hide holes and stains on clothes I love and really can’t throw away, but missed putting away a white butterfly patch which one of my dogs chewed. I managed to salvage the remnants and they went on top of my box along with bits of jewellery I’ve collected over the years and various stick-on decorations.

The catch on the box has been decorated with a pendant by my artist friend, Tammy Vitale. I thought having something with “Live, Laugh, Love” on it, blessed the intent of my box and also re-affirmed for me the power of friendship with so many lovely people around the world.

So now I have a Magickal Blessings Box in which I put all sorts of odds and sods which have personal meanings for me, or remind me of grace in my life.

This is the top
And this is the front.

Organised Chaos (AEDM13)


We went shopping yesterday at a big supermarket on the other side of the port of Kyrenia (we’re on the west side of the city, the Sah {pron. Sha} supermarket is on the east side).

Just as we walked in staff were putting out on the shelves a whole new system of storage boxes, from big ones to littlies. And the colours were gorgeous – so I grabbed some pink, orange and purple boxes, some largeish and some medium, so I could sort out all the creative bits and pieces that were currently stored in a hodge-podge of containers.

I have now brought yesterday’s chaos  into order, and it’s really nice to see such bright colours cheering up my office. Plus now I know where all my arty-farty bits and bobs are, which is a vast improvement on my previous efforts!