Love – the Healing Fire of the Heart

I sat and worked on this on my Lenovo tablet this afternoon.  I had no idea how much you can create with apps on a tablet, like a whole new creative door has opened for me. My favourite app is Toolwiz, an amazing app with so many functions that I still keep finding new ways to create art with this app.

I’m also rather indebted to President Trump because the awfulness of him and the swamp around him is inspiring me to work on creating images of beauty and colour rather than the turgid grey and black of the billionaire bloodsuckers.

One more post to finalise and then I’m off to sit with my foster dog, Rolo, who – after seven months with us – is off to the UK early Thursday morning to his new family.  I shall miss him immensely but I’m so glad we were able to provide him with a holding space until a new family became available to offer him a loving home, complete with garden, cats (he loves our cat) and someone who works from home each day. So he’ll be a complete lap dog with company so he can loll around as he does here – he would have to be the most bone idle dog we’ve ever come across but so affectionate and good-natured.

Colours of Life

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far away, well, Perth, Western Australia, to be precise, I used to wear black all the time – black tops, black pants, black hair. I suffered from depression and I was fat, so I felt that wearing black made me look slimmer.

Then I did a a Reiki 1 course and it seemed to open a light inside me. As I was leaving the workshop on the second day,  I saw a short, fat lady wearing black who didn’t look any slimmer and was still fat, and so it occurred to me that I was a taller woman wearing black to look slim and still looked fat!

The next day I went into Perth’s biggest department store and bought a brightly coloured cotton dress, just right for the heat of summer, and which made an amazing difference to my life.  I felt lighter but, interestingly, quite a few people came up to me to tell me how much they liked the dress and colours. My husband reckoned it was my Ken Done dress as Ken Done was an Australian artist who always painted in very bright colours.

So here’s a reminder to you all – colours make your life. They light up your life. Tune in to colour and see how it affects your life. And find your favourite colour to work with to resonate with your heart and soul energies.

Colours of Light Healing

Colours of Light Healing

I was prompted to create this image after reading some posts on Facebook about depression. My first bout with the Black Dog came in my first year at university in 1966 and from then on I’d have bouts of depression from time to time when I felt like I had fog in my head and my feet in quicksand.

I remember one particular time of my life where I dressed entirely in black, from head to toe. I could have auditioned for Godzilla and aced it!

After I’d trained in Reiki 1 and 2, I suddenly realised that wearing black was depressing in itself and also didn’t perform its function which was to make me look slim. Instead, I looked like a fat woman trying to look slim by wearing black and failing spectacularly.

After this insight, and after I’d worked on issues of self-confidence and self-esteem (something seriously lacking in my after my father’s lifelong bullying, although I hid it well), I bought a lovely dress, cotton in multi-colours. I called it my “Ken Done” dress after the Australian artist who specialised in bright colours.

To my amazement, not only did I cheer up, but people started approaching and talking to me, telling how much they liked the bright colours and  exchanging various views out of the blue. Since then I’ve been fascinated by colours – they are so influential in our lives at a conscious and unconscious level.

So the above image represents various levels in our awareness of colour – the emotional responses; the influence of the wider environment; the moon for our subconscious awareness of colour; blue for communication and turquoise for communication with love; and finally the stars for our resonance with the colours of the universe.

The tree represents our potential for new growth and transformation as we move out of darkness and into the colours of light with their qualities of healing and awareness.

Romantic Riotous Red!

Mo the Crone 1aI’ve really been into the colour red lately – perhaps to re-energise myself after my bout of ‘flu in December-January. So while we were in south Nicosia, my friend and I went to Jumbo which is a huge toy/fancy goods warehouse-type shop. And I had great fun picking out red candles, a red boa (and also couldn’t resist a purple witch’s hat with spiders!) as well as various stickers for my artwork.

My husband winced at the purple witch’s hat and red boa, our cat Sweetie stopped dead when she saw me and if a cat’s jaw could drop, hers did, while our other cat, Jezebel, decided to be my familiar, curl up on my purple witch’s hat and to fast asleep!

It all seems to have worked very well to re-energise myself as I’ve tidied up my study, sorted out my arty-farty gear onto a nice little table so that my study feels much livelier and far less stagnant.  I’m raring to go on new projects!

Mo's Familiar Mo's Familiar 1

Witchy Mo

Stickers for my artwork
Arty-farty gear & Valentine's heart
Arty-farty gear & Valentine’s heart
Orange candle with obsidian, black tourmaline, witches finger quartz, lavender rose quartz, elestial amethyst point and black obsidian stone.
Orange candle with obsidian, black tourmaline, witches finger quartz, lavender rose quartz, elestial amethyst point and black obsidian stone.
Heart hanger with my Purple Medicine Shield
Heart hanger with my Purple Medicine Shield
Candle setting with red candles and  Ancestral Medicine Shield
Candle setting with red candles and
Ancestral Medicine Shield





Lives Lived

I came across the image of a deserted house in the Appalachian Mountains in the US and, as I usually do with empty houses, wondered what had happened to the original inhabitants and their dreams and lives.

So I added an overlay of autumn undergrowth to represent the passing of lives at this house, but also additional colours to represent the idea of sending good energies to those who have dwelt there and their descendants, perhaps to help heal lives if healing energies have been needed.

Colours of Your Life (Beige is BORING!)

Colours of Your Life


Beige is boring.

Beige is bland.

If you wear beige:

Smack your hand!

Before and after my mother died, I got fatter and fatter and wore black. I was convinced black made me look slimmer.  I also didn’t realise that black represented the deep depression I suffered after my mum died. I felt very self-conscious at being so fat and seldom went out or socialised although I tried to maintain a bubbly demeanour to hide how sad and unhappy I was. Looking back on that time, I often say that if I’d auditioned for The Incredible Hulk, I’d have been a shoe-in.

I remember sitting at a table with other people at a fat camp (my employers sent me there to lose weight and I should have told them to get stuffed). One lady at the other end of the table was looking around at us all and describing us in one, positive word.  She got to me and hesitated at the black, fat,  lump glowering at her from the end of the table.  You could see her frantically thinking: “What on earth can I call her?”.  And then a wave of relief went over her face and she said: “Gaelic!”.  Which was spot on, actually, as I have Welsh and Irish heritage.

A few years later I started learning Reiki and in the therapy centre was a whole heap of information on colours.  I started reading up about colour, particularly in regard to the chakra energy centres, as I’d never come across this sort of information before. And then one day I walked out and saw a little fat butterball of a lady wearing black and obviously, like me, hoping it made her look slimmer. It didn’t. It screamed out the message: “I am fat and hoping to look thinner wearing black, but I don’t, I still look fat.”  So THEN I looked at myself and understood that my own message was: “I am tall, fat and wearing black in the hope of looking thinner but I don’t,  I still look fat!”.

It was an eye-opener for me and worked in quite synchronistically with the changes I was going through as Reiki started its healing influence on  me. So the next day I went to one of the big department stores in Perth, Western Australia, and bought a summer dress: not just any old dress, but one which resembled Joseph’s Coat of Many Colours.  There were so many colours on that dress and so many patterns, it absolutely blinded you!  My husband called it my Ken Done dress, as that gentleman creates crazy-coloured artworks and patterns.

This started my road to mental wellness. Not only did I feel better wearing brightly coloured clothes again, I found that I’d dropped barriers to inter-action with people which I’d unconsciously set up while I was depressed and wearing black.  One woman walked up to me in the street and said with great delight and a big smile on her face: “That dress is absolutely gorgeous, I just love it. Such wonderful colours!”.  And I was delighted too because the feedback was not only great, it opened me up to accepting compliments and to smiling at people again.

So here’s the gen: think about the colours in your life and don’t blandify yourself. Above all, don’t wear beige!  It is a boring, bland colour which leeches the life out of people wearing it. The Fashion Mafiosa might like it but give these standover merchants the flick.  It’s a sign you don’t value yourself. Wear colours! Wear your passion! I don’t care what colours, but sort out what you like – not what fashion said should be worn at any one time, but colours that suit you and shout your brightness to the world.

And if you want to talk about bright, here’s a link to one wonderful lady who appeared in a recent documentary, Fabulous Fashionistas.  She’s a woman after my own heart – not only does she wear blindingly bright colours and accessories, she hates beige!


Spring Follies – Honouring the Spring Equinox

I came across a draft canvas I created a while back with BeFunky and decided it was so nice and bright I’d use it for a post today honouring Spring and the Spring Equinox. Winter here has been mild but even so the advent of spring is just so welcome. And I’ve seen so many posts from people in the US and Great Britain who have had an appalling winter so I thought today’s brightness, with yellow pansies superimposed over the basic canvas, would provide a bit of colour and cheer.

Spring Follies
Spring Follies