Lord of the Realms of the Waters

Lord of the Water Realms

This is an image inspired by a really beautiful waterfall.  PicMonkey has a new gizmo in its “Effects” section called “Mirror” which I’ve found fascinating when working with elemental energies. It’s as if you can pull apart the surface image to find below the elemental waiting to be revealed.

In this image, you can see the face of the Lord of the Realms of the Waters which is what this Elemental demanded to be called.  I went for Lord of the Waters first off, but no – his full title is “Lord of the Realms of the Waters”. The moon is included as well as clouds at the base as these are related to the waters of Planet Earth.

Call me as nutty as a fruitcake if you like, but one thing I’ve learned in my many years of metaphysical learning and Tarot reading, it’s to heed what I hear and reproduce it without allowing my intellect to interfere.


Honour and Respect Earth’s Guardian Elders

Honour Earth Guardian Elders

This image is to honour our mountains – the Earth Elder Guardians with their magnificence, spirit energies and role as high energy custodians of this wonderful Planet Earth of ours.

The image is composed of photos of four Earth Elder Spirits superimposed, one over the other.

The foundation image is of ancient rain forest at the base is an image of Wollumbin (Mt Warning) in northern New South Wales.  I have stood on the base of this mountain and its energies are warm and welcoming, imbuing a peace and reflective feeling of support from this wonderful mountain creation. It is sacred to the Bundjalung Aboriginal people who request that people not climb the mountain due to cultural beliefs but this is generally ignored. And no, I have not climbed it, nor would I out of respect for Aboriginal cultural beliefs and to honour a special place on earth that doesn’t need human feet on it to recognise its power and energies.

Above that is an image of Uluru, the great monolith at the centre of Australia, where Aboriginal people also request that people don’t climb their sacred it, but visitors still do. People often take small rocks from Uluru as a memento of their visit, and the centre is deluged with rocks being returned due to the bad luck people have encountered since stealing from this sacred area.

Above that is Mt Shasta in the US.  I don’t know the cultural beliefs of Native American people in relation to climbing this powerful and beautiful mountain.

And finally there’s an image of a mountain in Tibet at sunrise although I don’t know the name of the particular mountain. I do know that the sacred mountain of Kailesh, Tibet, is honoured by people walking circuits of the mountain and not by climbing. Climbing would be considered an act of serious sacrilege.

Although there is no image of it here, I think we all know Mt Everest and the disrespect with which it is treated by climbers who leave litter and human waste on this majestic mountain. Even after the April 2014 disaster when 16 Sherpa guides lost their lives, people demanded that climbing continue because they had paid so much money and completely disregarded the fact that so many local people had been killed.

I believe it is a great pity that so many people see mountains to be “conquered” rather than regarded with respect and esteem as sacred areas of our earth to be lived with in co-existence rather than egotistical domination. So, at the base of the photo are dark clouds which represent the disrespect with which mountain Guardian Elders are all too often regarded.

I have also included with this image one of the Full Moon, which will be happening this weekend, to work with Full Moon energies to release negative energies towards these Guardian Elders, to call for their respect, to remember and align with their sacred, powerful energies and to support connection with the planet as part of our spiritual walk with Mother Earth.

Clouds on Besparmak Mountains

You get some amazing views of the Besparmak Mountains here in North Cyprus – sometimes they’re as clear as a bell, other times they have clouds moving along behind them on the Nicosia side of the mountains, sometimes they’re hazy with sunshine and sometimes you get clouds moving along on the seaward side which look really mysterious and really quite awesome.

These are pics I took of the clouds moving westwards along the mountains, which is unusual as generally the weather pattern is for clouds and wind to come in from the south moving eastwards. I’ve also fiddled with the images with Pixlr and PicMonkey.

Never a dull moment when you’ve got a relatively big mountain range right behind your apartment!

Besparmak Magic Besparmaks & Clouds, Jan 2016 1 Besparmaks & Clouds, Jan 2016 2 Besparmaks & Clouds, Jan 2016 4

Life on Earth

Life on Earth

The foundations for this image were firstly, a photo of tree roots and glass and secondly, a photo of a waterfall. With a little judicious editing with Pixlr, this is the final result. It reminded me of a collage of earth elements, hence Life on Earth.


My husband knows I like taking photos of clouds, sunsets, sunrises and so on, and called me out late yesterday evening to take a photo of a rather magical looking cloud over the Besparmak Mountain Range which runs parallel to the coast of North Cyprus, about 10 minutes from where we live. It looks as if there’s a layer of cloud then another mountain peak but it’s actually a grey cloud formation.

Clouds over Besparmaks 6
Layer of cloud, not another mountain peak.
Clouds over Besparmaks 5
Another photo of the grey cloud formation


Clouds over Besparmaks 2
Early morning cloud
Clouds over Besparmaks 3
Further along the mountain top
Clouds over Besparmaks 4
Towards the east

Then I got up at 7.30 this morning and got photos of another cloud formation in the rising sun.  You often see cloud hovering at the top of the mountain range as on-shore winds stop the cloud descending onto the coast strip.  One cloud formation a couple of weeks ago looked amazing – like breakers on a shore as the wind lifted them and curled them back on themselves.

Mountain Magic

Mountain Magic

I am re-connecting with my relationship with rocks and crystals.  I have been making wire wraps for various stones in my care, and the above image is created from a photo I took yesterday of the sun shining onto the Besparmak Mountains.

For me, there is an energy and power in mountains – I can see faces, images and energetic beings. The above is my inner image of the magic of mountains, so often overlooked because we’re taught to see rocks, mountains and stones as lifeless things to be used, without realising how we are upsetting the balance in our relationship with the planet which supports and nurtures us.

It’s my belief that the rise in the popularity of crystal healing and the availability of a wide-ranging array of crystals, rocks and stones is a shamanic calling from these earth energies to humanity to recall our connection with the natural world and our responsibility to co-create with the energies that surround us.

When we work with crystal healing, we are not simply healing ourselves, we are aligning ourselves with the planet to effect healing on the wider world around us.  In the words of Rachel Pollack, in her book on her Tarot deck, The Shining Tribe: “To truly Know Stone means to transcend the illusion of a separation  between Spirit and the material world.”


Sun over Besparmak Mtns 1
Original photo of sunlight over Besparmak Mountains as storm clouds have moved to the east.


Classy Clouds

Often when I’ve been in planes I’ve looked down on clouds below and thought how solid the look – as if you could get out of the plane and walk on the billowing pillows below. Well, of course you can’t, and as I’m still alive and typing this, you’ll know that I didn’t try that little trick!

I was reminded of my view of clouds from above when I got a lovely photo the other day of the sun shining on evening storm clouds as they passed over Kyrenia, to the east of where we live. It made me realise how miraculous clouds are – we take them for granted when really it is quite amazing to see these beautiful formations in our skies.

So here are a few photos of clouds I’ve taken here in North Cyprus. I live on the north coast facing the coast of Turkey and, when storms are crossing the island to the south and head towards the Turkish coastline, you get some beautiful views of clouds. Enjoy!

Sun on evening storm clouds over Kyrenia
Sun on evening storm clouds over Kyrenia. I just happened to walk onto the patio and saw this formation, so dashed inside to get my camera.

Stairway to Heaven, 17th Sept, 2014 Sunset 1, 19th Sept, 2014 Sunset 2 5th Sept 2014 Sunset 2, 17th Sept, 2014 Sunset 3 Sunset 9 Sunset 12 Sunset cloud over Turkey Sunset clouds Clouds 1 Clouds 10 Clouds 12 Clouds over Besparmaks Clouds