Ancient Earth Guardians

The other day I was reading one of my favourite blogs, one I stumbled across a while back:  The World According to Dina

In this particular post Dina had included some of the best photos of the Standing Stones of Callenish that I have seen. They have a fey quality which really capture the energies of the stones and their links to the past. I’ve re-posted that blog and Dina has kindly allowed me to use her photos as a basis for my digital art. So above is my first re-working of a photo of the Standing Stones – they really speak to me and recall their role as Earth Guardians over the eons.

Thank you, Dina, not only for permission to use the photos but for taking such wonderful shots which capture the essence of the Standing Stones of Callenish.

(I have re-blogged the post so you can read it in full.)

Magickal Nature

Magic of Nature

This piece of digital art has been created from a photo taken in the Smoky Mountains by Ann who operates the blog, The Republic of Ann:

Here’s a link too to Ann’s Flickr album, she really has taken some fantastic photos and I’m learning about geography as I had a vague idea the Smokies are in the US but now I know WHERE they are in the US (geography was my worst subject at grammar school!).

Ann lives in the Smoky Mountains and kindly offered to allow me to use photos she’s taken of the Smokies for my digital art, mainly rocks but for this art piece I digressed.  Actually, I was so busy poring over her photos of what is a really superbly lovely part of the planet that I almost forgot to get on with the artwork.

I decided to work with a photo Ann took of a waterfall instead of rocks and the above is a result of merging this photo with a piece of artwork I did that I didn’t feel satisfied with on its own.

When I looked at the final image, I really felt like I was looking into the magic of nature – the colours, the shapes, the devic energies, rock spirits, all the information that we can see if we are open to simply seeing/feeling/absorbing the energies of nature. Too often we’re busy striding through a landscape, instead of walking within the landscape.

Below are the two images I used to create The Magic of Nature and also a third which is the first merger of the two photos and which I worked on further for the final image:

First merger of two original photos
Truth-Telling (2)
Image I merged with waterfall photo
Ann's Waterfall
Ann’s photo of a waterfall in the Rockies.


Fun & Celebrations – My 800th Post!


I am very pleased and proud to be able to say that this is my 800th post on my blog.  I want to thank all of you who have signed up to follow me, and also to extend my gratitude to those of you who have kindly posted supportive comments. A great community, all of you, and I’m very grateful for your continuing support.

My blog started in Australia, when I lived in Bowraville, a small community in the hinterland of the mid-north coast of New South Wales. I started writing on the occasional basis, mainly rants about what is going on in the world. Then I continued my blog when I moved to North Cyprus in 2012.  But last year I took part in an on-line course creating images over 22 days of the Major Arcana in the Tarot. I followed that up with participation in an on-line course for surreal art using “selfies”, came across PicMonkey, and I was off and running.

Developing abstract and surreal art has unleashed a passion for digital art where I can release all the images in my head which I can’t manage on a canvas with paints. Not only am I on an age pension with limited income, I also walk with fibromyalgia which causes muscle stiffness, so hours on painting conventional art are now beyond me.

Dancing with a chronic illness is challenging, but I have to say I am still filled with gratitude – for living on the beautiful island of Cyprus, for having a loving husband and a menagerie of lively, adoring pets, for lovely friends here, in Australia, in the UK, in the US and in other countries, for being able to create art and take photographs, and for simply living in this exciting, wonderful world of ours.

Most of all – I am delighted I have managed to create 800 posts, I’ve also made it through to 67, and I am dedicated to growing old disgracefully!

And finally, thanks to the Beach Boys for “Fun, Fun, Fun”!

Woman riding champagne rocket Wild Woman Wild and Free Wild & Precious Life 1 - Mary Oliver Happy-cartoon-bee-dancing-and-smiling joyful old ladies dancing Live, Love, Laugh Sliding into the grave Happy Sun Growing Old Disgracefully





The Grace of Community

Last year I did a couple of on-line courses and suddenly opened up to the joys of creating digital art. I started posting art virtually every day because I enjoy creating art, but along the way I’ve been gifted with something quite unexpected but very welcome: the enrichment of my life with friendships and contacts around the world courtesy of the blogging community.

I now read blogs from Australia (Suz Jones, among others), Thailand (Don Charisma), Africa (various), Romania, Russia, America (all over from Alaska to Alabama and they’re all special to me), Great Britain and Europe.  I read personal information, I read about pain and survival, I see beautiful photos of places and gardens around the world – in other words, I’ve entered a community I had no idea existed, one which is – so far – kind, supportive, humorous, challenging (some photos of hardships in other pars of the world can break your heart), informative and exciting.

Today I saw a post with a photo of the world from space – a most beautiful planet, viewed as a whole. Beside it was another photo of the world as we see it here on earth: a pastiche of different flags of different countries, competing, fighting, where differences and conflict are elevated in importance rather than the ties that bind us – the fact that everyone one’s heart and soul are nurtured by compassion, love and tolerance and the fact that basically all people really want is security, a roof over their heads, a future for their children, paid employment and peaceful lives.

This is the grace of community – and I think the blogging community, even though everyone’s singing a different song, in totality provide a little glimpse of how we can lead quite different lives where we love and support each other, look for what unites us and not divides us, and care about what is within people rather than the external appearance.

So here’s my piece of digital art today: The Grace of Community.  It was created with a pale blue canvas on PIcMnkey, with an overlay of a carpet of pink pig-face flowers (terrible name for such a beautiful little flower, I thought the photo of flowers all growing close to each other was a symbol of community), and then tweaked with the Fractilius plug-in on Photoshop.