WordPress Woes!

WordPress is playing silly buggers at present – I always return the favour of checking out people’s blogs if they’ve liked mine or followed my blog. I consider it a courtesy to read posts, let the author I’ve enjoyed their writings via the “like” button, and if they’ve followed my blog I return the favour. … More WordPress Woes!

Rocks in my Head

I’m in the situation now where I can’t walk on uneven surfaces due to back and hip problems, which has limited my ability to take photos of rocks, stones and other earth formations. However, Jessica Winder, in the UK, has kindly allowed me to use her lovely photos of rocks and rock formations in her … More Rocks in my Head

Amazing Awards!

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m sorting out the posting of awards which people have kindly given me – awards which I truly value because they demonstrate the kindness and friendliness of the world blogging community.  So here are my thanks: To Irene who kindly awarded me the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award. … More Amazing Awards!