Wordpress Woes!

WordPress is playing silly buggers at present – I always return the favour of checking out people’s blogs if they’ve liked mine or followed my blog. I consider it a courtesy to read posts, let the author I’ve enjoyed their writings via the “like” button, and if they’ve followed my blog I return the favour.

However, in the past few days, when I’ve tried to “like” a post, I get a blank square flash up on the left, and nothing else happens. I’ve tried to follow blogs, only to have WordPress come up with repeated requests to log in, and nothing happens as a result. I’ve logged in to one blog, gone to another and found I have to log in again. OR WordPress won’t let me follow at all.

So if you have, in recent times, either “liked” one or more of my posts, or you have following my blog, and you don’t have any contact from me, my apologies and blame WordPress for their shenanigans!

The photo below has no relevance whatsoever to my post, I just love the pic!



Rocks in my Head

I’m in the situation now where I can’t walk on uneven surfaces due to back and hip problems, which has limited my ability to take photos of rocks, stones and other earth formations.

However, Jessica Winder, in the UK, has kindly allowed me to use her lovely photos of rocks and rock formations in her blog: Jessica’s Nature Blog


I love looking at Jessica’s blog because it reminds me of many happy hours as a child in Ramsgate, Kent, south-east UK, wandering among the rock pools beside the harbour, peering at sea anemones,tiny crabs and winkles; popping the bubbles in bladder wrack seaweed; climbing on the rock formations in the park on the West Cliff; cycling around Thanet;  and walking for hours along the chalk cliffs to Pegwell Bay collecting wildflowers and watching newts and frogs in the pools along the way.

I was scrolling through the photos on Jessica’s blog, moaning in delight because the photos are gorgeous, and my husband asked me if I was okay. I told him I was drooling over photos of rocks and stones, he rolled his eyes, muttered something about “mad as a hatter”, and retreated into the spare bedroom where he’s building a model railway (and he thinks I’M odd!!!).

So here are my first digital art creations using one of the photos in Jessica’s blog.I started off by blurring the edges of the photo of the rocks, then adding some blue-green colour to represent the sea and sky above and around the rocks.

The first piece of art, Earth’s Creation, popped up from nowhere – I was poking around on the various gizmos in Pixlr when the image appeared and it reminded me of the huge forces at work as the Earth came into being, so I’ve called this: Earth’s Creation.  The second image popped up, again out of the blue, and it rather reminded me of the days of the Renaissance, search me why, I have no idea, but Renaissance is now its name.

BlueRocks - fire of creation
Earth’s Creation


BlueRocks - UK.jpg
Original photo with edges blurred and blue-green colour added.
Rocks - UK
Original photo from Jessica’s Nature Blog: http://natureinfocus.wordpress.com/

Jessica’s Nature Blog








Fun & Celebrations – My 800th Post!


I am very pleased and proud to be able to say that this is my 800th post on my blog.  I want to thank all of you who have signed up to follow me, and also to extend my gratitude to those of you who have kindly posted supportive comments. A great community, all of you, and I’m very grateful for your continuing support.

My blog started in Australia, when I lived in Bowraville, a small community in the hinterland of the mid-north coast of New South Wales. I started writing on the occasional basis, mainly rants about what is going on in the world. Then I continued my blog when I moved to North Cyprus in 2012.  But last year I took part in an on-line course creating images over 22 days of the Major Arcana in the Tarot. I followed that up with participation in an on-line course for surreal art using “selfies”, came across PicMonkey, and I was off and running.

Developing abstract and surreal art has unleashed a passion for digital art where I can release all the images in my head which I can’t manage on a canvas with paints. Not only am I on an age pension with limited income, I also walk with fibromyalgia which causes muscle stiffness, so hours on painting conventional art are now beyond me.

Dancing with a chronic illness is challenging, but I have to say I am still filled with gratitude – for living on the beautiful island of Cyprus, for having a loving husband and a menagerie of lively, adoring pets, for lovely friends here, in Australia, in the UK, in the US and in other countries, for being able to create art and take photographs, and for simply living in this exciting, wonderful world of ours.

Most of all – I am delighted I have managed to create 800 posts, I’ve also made it through to 67, and I am dedicated to growing old disgracefully!

And finally, thanks to the Beach Boys for “Fun, Fun, Fun”!

Woman riding champagne rocket Wild Woman Wild and Free Wild & Precious Life 1 - Mary Oliver Happy-cartoon-bee-dancing-and-smiling joyful old ladies dancing Live, Love, Laugh Sliding into the grave Happy Sun Growing Old Disgracefully





Amazing Awards!

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m sorting out the posting of awards which people have kindly given me – awards which I truly value because they demonstrate the kindness and friendliness of the world blogging community.  So here are my thanks:

To Irene who kindly awarded me the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award.

Irene creates beautiful jewellery and, on the odd post, beautiful words and she can be found at:


I know you’re supposed to nominate 14 people, but I’ve chosen to be creative in accepting awards and adapting them to what I can handle, otherwise I feel snowed under and don’t get anything done!






I’d also like to thank Cher for nominating me for the Sunshine Award. I do already have that award but I don’t care, the more, the merrier, so I’ve added a second one!

Cher is an ex-pat Canadian living in Chicago and I love reading her posts because it’s interesting reading about Chicago and the US from the perspective of someone who wasn’t actually born in the US. When I first moved to Australia I was like a fish out of water because everyone spoke English but it was different to the UK. When I lived in the UK from 2002-4 after nearly 40 years in Australia, it was a reverse process: I’m Australian now and felt like a fish out of water in the UK.  I have found out lots of things I didn’t know about Chicago from Cher’s posts, not least the fact – which I still  goggle over – that the city has a river, a fact unknown to me as geography was my worst subject at school, and that it gets dyed green on St Patrick’s Day.  Imagine that: a green river – totally awesome.

I can’t remember what else I’m supposed to do but as it usually involves questions here are ten foodie facts about me:

1. I love coffee.  Nope, not quite right. I LOVE  coffee! I ADORE coffee!  I WORSHIP coffee!

2. I don’t like white bread, I feel bloated. If I have a burger (very rarely) I have the meat on its own with salad.

3. My favourite little cafe here in North Cyprus is in Famagusta. We found it by accident as it was near an ATM we were using to withdraw British pounds to pay for our first car. For the princely sum of US6.60, we got a plate lined with toasted flat bread on top of which was rice pilau, chips, salad and heaps of delicious shish. Accompanying that were plates of a chilli-tomato relish;humous dip;  labne, a thick yoghurt; more salad;and pickled chillies (which I avoid ever since I took a tiny bit of one and nearly blew my head off and burned out my throat). Sitting on the sidewalk in bright sunshine, relaxing after all the stress of moving from Australia to North Cyprus was one of the brilliant moments of my life.

4. I love curries in any shape or form.

5. I love prawns in any shape or size.

6. I miss the fresh mangoes you used to get over summer in Australia.

7. Likewise, I miss blueberries and the wonderful, think blueberry yoghurts I used to get in Australia.

8. Another lovely, simple meal I had was when I was living in Strasbourg, France. My boyfriend at the time and I went into a little bistro and had the local saucissons with the best chips I’ve ever tasted.

9. Another lovely, simple meal I enjoyed thoroughly was at a cafe in Perth, Western Australia, where I had a vegetable curry, a salad of young mung bean sprouts and chappatis. Fantastic.

10 I make a complete pig of myself with cheesecake.  Any sort of cheesecake but particularly blueberries or summer fruit!

11. And just as an afterthought, one of the best breakfasts I ever had was in a Thai village in the jungle near Chiang Mai in the north. We had slept in the village houses overnight and were offered sticky rice for breakfast which tasted heavenly.  I appreciated it even more because the people were extremely poor but so generous in their hospitality.  There was a down side, however: I got food poisoning from the village water and nearly died back in Chiang Mai. It didn’t, however, lessen the immense pleasure I got from meeting such wonderful Thai people.

So there you go – new info about me, hope it makes your tummy rumble and you gallop off to enjoy your favourite food!

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