Remembering Nature

Something different today: Today I happened to open a book called “Writing as a Sacred Path” by Jill Jepson, at the section on shamanism and our connection to nature. It prompted me to return to a simple photo of an olive tree trunk with the Besparmak Mountains in the background and do some fiddling with … More Remembering Nature

Besparmak Beauty

It snowed here in North Cyprus early in the New Year, much to people’s surprise and delight as it was very early and doesn’t last long when it does snow.  I took some photos of the snow on the Besparmak Mountains which run along the Mediterranean on the north coast. The snow never reached us … More Besparmak Beauty

Stormy Weather

While there are spectacular sunsets here in North Cyprus, you also get amazing images when the storms move over, as they’ve been doing on and off for the past few days. We live slightly to the west of Kyrenia, and so far have escaped the worst of the storms when the do move through. However, … More Stormy Weather


I created this image from a photo I took of light over the Besparmak Mountains which run behind our apartment and parallel to the Mediterranean sea to the north of us, about five minutes away.  This image immediately reminded me of Camelot and all its myths. The original photo of the Besparmaks is below: