Remembering Nature

olive-tree-mountainsSomething different today: Today I happened to open a book called “Writing as a Sacred Path” by Jill Jepson, at the section on shamanism and our connection to nature. It prompted me to return to a simple photo of an olive tree trunk with the Besparmak Mountains in the background and do some fiddling with PicMonkey, the first ever photo editing programme I came across on-line.

The olive tree is just a trunk as it has died, but in front of it are fresh grasses to remind us that we are born onto a living planet and if we don’t take care of it, the planet will survive very well without us. Hopefully people’s action will preserve Mother Earth for future generations to enjoy as we are enjoying her support today.

Clouds on Besparmak Mountains

You get some amazing views of the Besparmak Mountains here in North Cyprus – sometimes they’re as clear as a bell, other times they have clouds moving along behind them on the Nicosia side of the mountains, sometimes they’re hazy with sunshine and sometimes you get clouds moving along on the seaward side which look really mysterious and really quite awesome.

These are pics I took of the clouds moving westwards along the mountains, which is unusual as generally the weather pattern is for clouds and wind to come in from the south moving eastwards. I’ve also fiddled with the images with Pixlr and PicMonkey.

Never a dull moment when you’ve got a relatively big mountain range right behind your apartment!

Besparmak Magic Besparmaks & Clouds, Jan 2016 1 Besparmaks & Clouds, Jan 2016 2 Besparmaks & Clouds, Jan 2016 4

Besparmak Beauty

It snowed here in North Cyprus early in the New Year, much to people’s surprise and delight as it was very early and doesn’t last long when it does snow.  I took some photos of the snow on the Besparmak Mountains which run along the Mediterranean on the north coast. The snow never reached us (thank goodness!), but the mountains looked quite spectacular. I tried various colours but have to admit that my favourite is the purple surround – no surprise there then!

Snow on Besparmaks, Jan 2016 1 Snow on Besparmaks, Jan 2016 2 Snow on Besparmaks, Jan 2016 3 Snow on Besparmaks, Jan 2016

In the Pink – Last Night’s Sunset in North Cyprus (AEDM16)

Pink  Sunset 3, 16th Nov 2015
Sunset behind the Besparmak Mountains
Pink sunset 1, 16th Nov 2015
Sunset to the west
Pink sunset 2, 16th Nov 2015
Sunset to the west
Pink Sunset 3, 16th Nov 2015
Sunset over the Besparmak Mountains
Pink sunset, 16th Nov 2105
Sunset behind the Besparmak Mountains
Pink Sunset 4, 16th Nov 2015
Sunset to the west





















I just happened to look out of my study window and see lovely shades of pink in last night’s sunset, then walked out onto the patio to see wonderful cloud formations to the west of where we live in Alsancak on the north coast of North Cyprus. Nature’s palette of glorious colours!


Stormy Weather

While there are spectacular sunsets here in North Cyprus, you also get amazing images when the storms move over, as they’ve been doing on and off for the past few days.

We live slightly to the west of Kyrenia, and so far have escaped the worst of the storms when the do move through. However, we often see storm clouds moving along behind the Besparmak Mountains to the south of the north coast, where we live, and then heading off towards the Karpaz Peninsula to the east.

Similarly, many storms can be seen to the west where we can see the lightning and faintly hear the thunder, but then they trundle off towards the north to Turkey where we watch fantastic flashes of lightning and huge flares of light in the clouds.

So here are photos from today’s storm which came in late afternoon and picked up colours from the setting sun. And I’ve added in a video of “Stormy Weather” sung by the wonderful Billie Holiday.

Storm behind Besparmaks Storm over BesparmaksStorm behind Besparmaks1 Storm behind Besparmaks2 Storm clouds 1 Storm clouds
















Storm over Besparmaks4