Brilliant Basil

Brilliant Basil

I found another image I’d created and forgotten about today – a photo I took a while back of the basil plant in our garden which I’d fiddled with and then laid aside as I wasn’t very happy with it and wasn’t inspired enough at the time to carry on with the project.

The basil bush in our garden has gone stark, raving, monster loony – it is huge!  I have found that when basil finds just the right place it will go gangbusters. When we lived in Boonah, in south-east Queensland, we had a basil bush which was similarly profuse and which we had to cut back as it was taking over a lot of the garden.

The basil in our garden is smaller-leafed than the one we had in Australia and is slightly more bitter but it is just as nice. Basil would have to be one of my favourite herbs – the scent is absolutely divine. One of my favourite dishes is small pieces of sliced chicken breast, fried quickly with very little oil, then tossed with basil and creme fraiche – absolutely delicious!

Anyway, today I went to work on the original basil image with Pixlr and this is the result. Bon appetit!

Black-Eyed Susan & Other Garden Goodies

Black-Eyed Susan CreeperI’ve seen a couple of posts on US blogs this week about Black-Eyed Susan flowers and they are quite different to what we call Black-Eyed Susans in Australia and here in North Cyprus.  It is a hardy creeper with bright orange to pale yellow flowers.  Ours got really whacked in January when we had a viciously cold wind blowing here from north Europe, but it has finally come good and now is a dense creeper over the fence beside our gate.

And since a friend requested some photos of our garden in mid-summer, here are some more photos. Again, I have to ‘fess up that my husband is the gardener, not me, I put the mockers on plants.  It amazes me how our flowers, bushes and trees bow and scrape to  Bryan and grow like the clappers, while with me they just sneer, shrivel and turn up their toes!

I am also going to take a bit of a break from digital art and post some photographs of North Cyprus, because it’s such a lovely place, and also fish out some photos from my holiday in 2012, including scenery in Scotland and the upgrading/preservation of one of Manchester’s rail stations.

Basil, July 2014
Basil plant – growing like the clappers, it was tiny when we planted it.


Blue bush, front garden, July 2014
Bush with blue flowers which has somehow survived the three cats playing in it and knocking it around, as well as the four dogs trying to eat it. Must be a tough cookie!
Bougainvillea Fence
Bougainvillea on our front fence, plus flower garden below (fenced in to stop dogs eating the flowers).
Corner garden, July 2014
Corner of our garden with bangalow palm – they are very graceful, grow tall and – best of all – sucker and spread giving very elegant shade.
Flower bed 1, July 2014
Flower bed on right side of our garden.
Flower bed, July 2014
White daisies – grew from one cutting.
Foxtails 1, July 2014
Rat’s tails grasses on our external flower bed (or at least, that’s why I call them!)
Front flower bed, July 2014
View of external flower bed looking east along the path.
Ornamental pots
Ornamental pots outside our wall
Outside flower bed 1, July 2014
Outside flower bed with bougainvilleas growing through fence.
Passion Flower Vine
Passion flower vine – it’s only been in a month but is spreading like the clappers.
Passion Flower, July 2014
Passion Flower
Solanum, corner garden, July 2014
Solanum bush in the corner of our garden – is covered in blue flowers.
Veldt daisies, Apothecary's Rose, July 2014
Veldt daisies and our Apothecary’s Rose
Green bush, paddock
Finally, I took a photo of this one green bush standing alone in its green-ness in the middle of the neighbouring paddock where everything else is dried out in the summer heat. It stands out like a beacon to hope and courage – dare to be different even when the odds are against you!