Song of the Heart

Last week we had our apartment cleaned professionally by the Merit Hotel management due to the high amounts of dust and sand flooding our apartment from the construction site they’ve started right next door to where we live. We were unable to keep up with the dust levels – as fast as we dusted, the sand would blow in and land on all the surfaces in our kitchen, living room, bedroom and my study. In the end we complained and Merit management agreed to the cleaning process.

We had a lovely young Indian lass clean our place – she did a grand job, was very conscientious, but was I mortified when she collected our ornaments from the pelmet in our living room (I’d forgotten all about them!) and they were so covered in thick dust and sand you could hardly see what they were. She cleaned them up carefully and then replaced them in the right order on the shelf.

She told us we reminded her of her grandmother and grandfather in India who she missed enormously. But what went to my heart was her concern for my various scrapes and scratches, telling me to go to the doctor to get them checked. And then when she left, she tenderly stroked my cheeks and wished me well for the future.

She really touched my heart because I’m very independent, my husband’s kids live in the UK so we don’t get to see them very much, and anyway we are all accustomed to living our own lives.  It reminded me of the strength of the traditional family system and the way its members care for each other.

It was also very much a reminder to myself to take better care of me!  As I’m all air signs, astrologically speaking, I tend to be in my head and out there in the universe creating art and ideas, and often my physical body gets a bit overlooked. So since that kind gesture from the young Indian lass, I’m focussing more on loving my own self (instead of worrying about everybody else)

The above image is a result of my reflections on taking care of ourselves and listening to the song of our hearts which are meant for each of us as an individual. I hope you like the image.

Art for Sale: Singing the Stars to Earth

Singing the Stars to  Earth
Acrylic art with feathers, glitter, small rose quartz chips, Swarovski crystals. 19.5″ x 23.5″ x 0.5″ (49.5cm x 59cm x 2.5cm).

I created this piece of acrylic artwork when I lived in Australia and it’s always seemed a bit dull to me, so I returned to it today to add more life.

I think, metaphorically speaking, it also represents me returning to life and the magick, sparkles and glitter of the wonderful Planet  Earth on which we live.

I’ve been feeling out of sorts for ages, depressed, tired and lethargic. Last summer’s heat here in North Cyprus (40C most days through late July- early September) really did a number on me; I’ve had a few kidney infections; a lousy bout of the ‘flu which lasted about 5-6 weeks in early January, plus a stomach bug.

I’ve come to realise that one thing which really kicks me in the gut and starts off kidney trouble is animal abuse and cruelty which turns up out of the blue in Facebook posts as well as the terrible images of refugees and asylum seekers seeking shelter and safety. I have taken steps to minimise this as much as possible for self-preservation and my physical health.

I can tend to be a serious person, and god knows there’s plenty of suffering in the world to take very seriously. But today I realised I’d lost touch with the fact that there are stars in the sky, there are star songs which surround us at unknown levels, there is so much love around, so many people doing good deeds and spreading kindness, lovely art, good people, laughter, joy and happiness if you care to be open to it, and suddenly I felt the power of magic in my life again.

So to return to my original artwork, I’ve added colour at the centre to represent the power of a strong, loving heart, feathers in two corners to represent the flight of hope, Swarovski flatback crystals for the magick in our lives, tiny rose quartz chips in two corners to represent loving kindness, and of course glitter abounds to represent the stars, the starstuff within us and the power within all of us to sing the stars to earth.

Magick, glitter and the song of the stars rule!

(Artwork price: US$75; postage US$25)




RebellionI’ve been a rebel most of my life: in my early years standing up to a bullying, domineering father, but in later years living up to – in astrological terms – the fact that I have my moon (emotional life) in Aquarius. This sign relates to humanitarian and philanthropic, with a keen interest in making the world a better place. Aquarians are visionaries and progressive, intent in making the world a better place and not in the least interested in rules, regulation and bureaucracy. Which is why:

Donald Duck - weirdo

I might say that this is who I’m meant to be.  I’m neither better nor worse than others in our multi-varied world. Who I am doesn’t apply to others, nor should it.  Each astrological sign with the magic of the galactic energies influencing you when you were born makes up a majestic kaleidoscope of various energies which complement each other and contribute to the whole. For instance, while the words below might apply to me, I drive my husband barking mad because I’m off with the faeries while he is very practical and down to earth. He likes real-life landscapes, portraits and so on, and thinks my digital art is completely insane!



Mercury Retrograde

Zion BridgeI wasn’t sure what to call this until I realised that all the chaos in communication we experienced in trying to look after our little dog, Ziggy, when he was ill was influenced by Mercury Retrograde, a feature of astrology, which wound up yesterday, Friday 12th.

Mercury Retrograde happens when it looks, from the perspective of Earth in relation to Mercury, as if the planet were moving backwards. Of course that’s not happening but when this galactic event does take place, it’s renowned for stuffing up communications, affecting computers (make sure your computer is backed up before a MR event), causing electronic problems and so on.

We got information too late, phone calls were missed, blood tests came up clear but tested positive later on, and I was feeling so guilty that we had failed our little dog in getting him the proper treatment in time. But when I realised all this happened during a Mercury Retrograde, all fell into place.  It doesn’t ease the grief of losing our dog, but it does explain some of the happenings over the past fortnight.

Be Brave, Bodacious, Brilliant, Brazen, Bold – Be You!

Passion 1

This post was inspired by reading an interview with a woman who left her husband when she was 40’ish because she wanted to follow a spiritual path and, according to the interview, she said he didn’t.  Now you might say, good on her, and yes, follow your own path by all means.

But I’m rather interested in this whole idea of spirituality.  Because her husband is a world-famous musician who has created music over many decades which has thrilled millions of music lovers around the world. Isn’t that being spiritual – following your calling?

I’m fascinated by crystals, Reiki, digital art, healing and Tarot. At one time I rather quite fancied the idea of being dressed in white, drifting around and looking spiritual and quiet and self-contained (a bit like the aspirations of Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love), but the truth is I talk. I communicate. I write. And while I like my quiet moments and am happy to be on my own, I am mouthy and gregarious.

On the other hand, my husband loved being a dogman on high-rise buildings, is a great gardener and has a real magnetism for animals.

We are very different but I happen to think that the way we live is spiritual because we are embracing what we’re meant to be.  In astrology, I have nine air signs which means I definitely am an airhead.  I also have Neptune right next to my Ascendant, Libra, and my sun, Libra, which also means I’m off the planet, love psychic matters, can tune into people and feel their emotions, and I’m hugely sensitive.

My husband, on the other hand, has nine fire signs and his idea of purgatory would be to sit in front of a computer all day. He has to be active, on the go, planting flowers, digging, walking, living up to all his fire signs. But he’s honest, kind to strangers and animals, he helps people whenever he can, because he’s a Leo and they’re a generous, loyal, warm-hearted and passionate.

And that’s why I think being spiritual is being true to yourself.  If you’re born to create music, go be a musician. Think of Eric Clapton (not the musician in my comment above, by the way) who knew early on his ‘teens that he was meant to be a musician.  If you love cooking, then cook, and you don’t have to be a Jamie Oliver, you can just enjoy pottering in your kitchen. If you love looking after kids, do that. If being at home makes you happy, stay at home. If you want to work, then work (but for god’s sake do something that keeps you happy and healthy). If you don’t like crowds, feel free to avoid them without any guilt. If you’re a nerd, enjoy being a nerd. Do what makes your heart and soul sing because that, to me, is being spiritual – living who you’re meant to be, not someone else’s ideal of what makes a spiritual life.

I’ll wind up by saying I really loathe that word that is flung around so much these days: “Awesome”. Everything’s “awesome” or you have to be “awesome” or a child is “awesome” or whatever.  No, you don’t have to be awesome. You can be fearless by being plain old ordinary you (because that’s what most of us are) and enjoy your life because you’re happy as you are. Don’t buy into the whole shtick of being dissatisfied with your self,  just get on doing what makes you happy.

Be happy.

Embrace love.

Do what you love.

Spend time with your kids.

Embrace your loved one.

Spread kisses far and wide.


Because that’s what makes the world go round from day to day!

Spiritual people say - f - word


Future Visions

Yesterday I picked up the prints I’d ordered of my digital art for my art exhibition on 22nd November. I’m thrilled because they look good – simple, uncomplicated and elegant (well, I think they are, anyway!).

Instead of canvas or framing, I deciding to get my art printed on light board.  It’s much cheaper – a huge consideration – but the prints are light, inexpensive to post as presents, and they suit the modernity of the digital art I create.

I got to thinking about innovation, new stuff and so on.  I’m all for the new and the future, mainly because – in astrological terms – I have Uranus (a planet governing the new, the unexpected, the future, new ideas, technological advance, independence, freedom, different perspectives, discovery, unconventionality) in my fifth house (creativity) in Aquarius which, likewise, is about change, innovation, rebellion,  idealism, humanitarian, visionary, freedom-loving, eccentric, genius, independent, individualistic, original, inventive, honest. By the way, these are the good points of both Uranus and Aquarius, I haven’t mentioned the downside!

My husband and I are living on the basic age pension. We are not well off and haven’t been since 1996 when Bryan was invalided out of the workforce due to spinal damage as a result of Ross River fever, spread by mosquitoes. I also copped fibromyalgia in 1999 which in turn left me on a disability allowance.

We have managed to get by, but not having great finances teaches you to be creative, inventive and resourceful. I was lucky to raise $90 in donations on GoFundMe from good people who donated and supported by my exhibition. I think it was a good lesson in learning to ask for help and to knowing that generous people are out there in the community.

Nevertheless, I do have some financial constraints so I’ve improvised. I live among the stars, I love futuristic stuff, fantasy, sci-fi, techie stuff and so on. And so it occurred to me that I could also hold a different type of exhibition – no quiet surrounds, no framed art or photographs, but art and photographs which are on unframed art board; the vision board art I’ve created over the years to cheer me on in activity, writing, dance and art; and the mixed media art on canvas (and unframed) which I created in Australia.  I’m also going to have balloons and streamers, and a friend of mine has kindly agreed to sing at my event.

I admit I have been worried about the costs, but feel far more relaxed now I’ve worked out my own way of holding my art exhibition. It’s why I’ve called this post “StarFlight” because the stars have inspired me all my life and I have enjoyed working out an innovative way to show my art within my financial constraints.  It’s all about thinking outside of the box, but it’s also about linking with the energy of the universe.

To finish, here’s a quote from my e-book “Astro-Crystal Mandala Healing” which I’m revising and which will be available shortly:

“To gaze at the stars is to be reminded again and again that we are creation, creation is us, our song on earth is creativity, the stars are us as we create, they are part of our hearts and souls, and there is no separation in the galaxy at all, we are interwoven and inter-dependent, all sparks of light in a great cosmic thread.”


On the Full Moon last Friday I did a release ritual.  I cleared off the crystals I’d laid out in a grid for the New Moon and simply left the yellow glass chips on the yellow-coloured plate, and lit a candle in a turquoise candle-holder.  Yellow for me was the energy of the Full Moon and the turquoise represented communication with love – I wanted to collaborate with universal energies with the power of love to fuel my release ritual.
The next day, a Saturday, I took my paintings to a women’s expo exhibition to sell whatever was meant to go to a new home, and lessen our luggage when we do eventually sell this home and set out for Cyprus.  I have been wanting to let go of this painting for a long time as it’s far too big and cumbersome to move overseas with us:
 It’s a very large, powerful piece of artwork but, as you can see, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.  I called it Earth on Fire, as I finished this three days before the February 2009 bushfires in Victoria.  We were in an area where 11 people died, and we were very close to the bushfires.  Our roof, garden, patio, car, carport and floors in our home were coated in ash,  but we were thankful we survived when so many didn’t. I set this painting up at the expo and one woman came over straight away and was rapt in the artwork.  She didn’t have any money so I gave it to her. as she said she wanted to place it behind her bed. Personally, I don’t want this on any wall let alone close to my bed, but there you go – everyone’s taste is different!
When we got to the expo I found that my husband had packed a painting I hadn’t intended to sell, so I tucked it away behind me up against the wall. And the lass next door honed in on it and offered to buy it.  I always believe that synchronicity happens and somehow I was meant to let go of this painting.  Prior to it being sold, I’d been feeling very weepy and emotional, which puzzled me as these feelings had turned up out of the blue. But I realised, once the painting had gone, that it contained rocks and seashells from Scotts Head Beach, which I gathered just after I’d scattered my parents’ ashes there after the death of my father.  I created the painting when we got back home from our visit to this area (we were still living in northern New south Wales at the time), and I guess it meant a lot to me emotionally which is why I’d hung on to it.  Here’s the painting:
A while back I went to a local market to do Tarot readings and I’d met Cassie, who had the adjoining stall.  She came to a New Moon Mandala workshop I held a whle back and I got to talking to her just before I left.  I told her about my emotional reaction to selling my painting and she promptly got me up on her massage table and did a kinesiology/muscle test on me to balance my emotions and let go of the feelings of loss. 
I find all this very redolent of synchronicity – meeting Cassie, catching up with her at my workshop, selling my artwork to the lass who “happened” to be on the next-door stall, and then catchng up with Cassie who cleared out the emotional imbalance and completed the healing release I’d asked for in my New Moon ritual.  
It’s a very big reason why I attend markets or expos because you never know who you are going to meet or where your connections are going to lead you.  As the lass on the next-door stall said, she was right beside me because she was meant to buy the painting, and it may well be that she’ll visit me further down the line with a view to buying my crystals.  But this latter is a matter for the future.