Quatermass, Andromeda & The Whole Damned Sci-Fi Thing!

I created the above image from a photo my friend took of rocks at Brimham Rocks in North Yorkshire, UK. It’s a place of amazing rock formations which I hadn’t known about until my friend posted her pics on her Facebook timeline. When I first started creating art I used only photos I’d taken myself, … More Quatermass, Andromeda & The Whole Damned Sci-Fi Thing!

Fiddling with Fun

I was fiddling with digital art images yesterday and decided I’d post a few that originated with one image that I’d created a while back and returned to yesterday afternoon. I think it’s perhaps helpful to see how you can alter images into something quite different. or how a painting looks in different colours when … More Fiddling with Fun

Ancient Memories

In some way rocks and stones communicate with me although I’ve never quite worked out how this operates. It was a bit of a shock to my very logical system when this all started but there you go, sometimes things appear out of left field and you’re stuck with them.! Last night I worked on … More Ancient Memories

The Moon, The Moon!

Years ago I read a great book by Dean Koontz called “Strangers” which I found incredibly uplifting, given that some of his horror books are so over-the-top they make my stomach churn. I remember reading one of his stories once while eating breakfast while my husband was working away from home and it was so … More The Moon, The Moon!

Yemaya Songlines

I worked yesterday on a piece of art I created in Australia – Yemaya Dreaming. Yemaya is the Great Goddess of the oceans and I imagined synchronising her energies with that of the Rainbow Serpent which is an integral part of Aboriginal Dreaming – the way in which the country of Australia came into being. … More Yemaya Songlines

Rocks in my Head

I’m in the situation now where I can’t walk on uneven surfaces due to back and hip problems, which has limited my ability to take photos of rocks, stones and other earth formations. However, Jessica Winder, in the UK, has kindly allowed me to use her lovely photos of rocks and rock formations in her … More Rocks in my Head

Mother Courage

Quite a while ago I used to add my art to a site called Squidoo, but then I clean forgot about it as I moved to other sites which were more user-friendly.  I suddenly remembered Squidoo last week only to find that it had been taken over by HubPages which said it would switch my … More Mother Courage