This is a piece of digital art I created for my other blog The Crazy Crone – Living a Wild & Adventurous Life. The post and art relate to what is called ACE – Adverse Childhood Experiences – and the control issues I had with my father in my childhood and teenage years.  The art … More Independence

Mountain Magic

I created this from a photo I took of the Besparmak Mountain range which runs close and parallel to the north coast of North Turkey.  When I look out of my window to the south, the mountain range faces me and I love it because it’s different every day of the week – sometimes clear … More Mountain Magic


I originally posted this on my blog, The Crazy Crone – Living a Wild and Adventurous Life This artwork relates to a nightmare I had after writing about my childhood, and how it acted as a clearing house to process the changes I’ve been going through. If you’re interested in reading this post, the link  … More InSight

Wild, Flashy, Trashy

I read an interesting interview with the artist Maggi Hambling at the weekend where she quoted an art teacher who said that you don’t choose the subject: the subject chooses you. Ms Hambling also said: “That’s what I love about Rembrandt or Van Gogh or any of the painters I really admire – they are … More Wild, Flashy, Trashy


Yesterday I picked up the prints I’d ordered of my digital art for my art exhibition on 22nd November. I’m thrilled because they look good – simple, uncomplicated and elegant (well, I think they are, anyway!). Instead of canvas or framing, I deciding to get my art printed on light board.  It’s much cheaper – … More StarFlight