Colours of Life

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far away, well, Perth, Western Australia, to be precise, I used to wear black all the time – black tops, black pants, black hair. I suffered from depression and I was fat, so I felt that wearing black made me look slimmer.

Then I did a a Reiki 1 course and it seemed to open a light inside me. As I was leaving the workshop on the second day,  I saw a short, fat lady wearing black who didn’t look any slimmer and was still fat, and so it occurred to me that I was a taller woman wearing black to look slim and still looked fat!

The next day I went into Perth’s biggest department store and bought a brightly coloured cotton dress, just right for the heat of summer, and which made an amazing difference to my life.  I felt lighter but, interestingly, quite a few people came up to me to tell me how much they liked the dress and colours. My husband reckoned it was my Ken Done dress as Ken Done was an Australian artist who always painted in very bright colours.

So here’s a reminder to you all – colours make your life. They light up your life. Tune in to colour and see how it affects your life. And find your favourite colour to work with to resonate with your heart and soul energies.

Rewilding My Body Electric

I’ve had a bit of a cold these past two days – not enough to stuff me up completely, but enough to leave me snuffly, sleeping badly and needing a snooze yesterday afternoon.

Nevertheless, I wasn’t completely out of it, felt like doing something creative but not too demanding. So I went to work on a vision board I created back in New South Wales before we moved to North Cyprus. It’s a big canvas – my husband had to take the canvas off the frame and dismantle the frame in order to ship it here (and we’ll have to do the same when we sell our apartment, whenever that is as it’s in the lap of the gods, but I haven’t reminded him of this – yet!).

I saw a post a few days ago about, I think, rewilding yoga – retrieving it from the thin body/ttrendy clothing like Lululemon/money-making enterprise it’s all too often become, and returning it to the roots of spiritual development with body movements interwoven (yeah, yeah, I know this isn’t quite the right wording but this is about movement in general not correct yoga).

It was the word “rewilding” which set off sparks and lit up the stars for me. I have loathed exercise since my school days when I was so clumsy gym was a nightmare and sports day a complete disaster. I used to HATE hockey with a vengeance, loved tennis but was hopelessly un-coordinated, and was equally useless at rounders. My sports teacher used to write “Maureen tries hard” on my school report and my mum would howl with laughter and snigger “But fails completely!”.

So now my poor old body has bad memories associated with exercise, is stiff with fibromyalgia, has newer memories of repetitive strain injury, has suffered a broken leg and ankle, and six falls since we arrived here in North Cyprus (2 courtesy of moi, 3 courtesy of the dogs tripping me up, and 1 courtesy of the vet’s old chair collapsing under me and twisting my spine quite badly).  It feels distinctly not “wild”  –  yet, when I read the word “rewilding”, I could feel excitement course through my body and the urge to move, however small the beginnings are, and rediscover the power of my body and intuitive movement. I just adore the word “rewilding”!

So I returned to the “Dance” vision board, sorted out some motivating phrases from the “Emoji” section of piZap, fiddled around, printed some out, and had a very enjoyable time re-energising and jazzing up/pimping my “Dance” board which has now been renamed: “Rewilding my Body Electric”.

Rewilding the Body Electric
Rewilding my Body Electric


Original Vision Board: Dance

Art Therapy

Art therapy

I tear my hair out when I read people being exhorted to just think the right thoughts, get on with life, put bad memories behind them and stop wallowing in the past.  I believe that our bodies carry emotional memories deep within our cellular beings and our bodies have an intelligent life of their own which can’t be fixed just by our minds.  This reliance on our minds is, to me, a reflection of how we worship thought, intellect, dispassion and emotional control, while overlooking the great power of our hearts and souls.

That’s why I’m a great fan of art therapy as I believe it’s incredibly helpful in accessing emotional memories, bringing them to the surface, drawing/painting them into being, understanding them and letting go. It’s an amazingly healing process.

So yesterday I decided to deal with remnants of my emotional past – as much as I can at the present time, because it’s a bit like peeling onions, you get down another layer and find some more emotional stuff waiting for you – with a bit of digital art therapy, very soothing, very healing and below is the final image.  It reflects how I feel lighter, more joyful and more creative, something I haven’t felt for quite a while.

It’s also allowed me to reassess my on-line work. I don’t want to spend my days hunched over the computer as I love getting out in the fresh air (now it’s cooler :D) and getting my creative chops from being out in nature. So I’m closing down my crystal blog and the blog where I simply post photos of my artwork as, to me, this blog, The Crazy Crone’s Arty-Farty Studio, with explanations of my art process is the heart of my creative endeavours. I’ll also keep open my blog, The Crazy Crone: Leading a Wild & Adventurous Life.

All change: toot-toot!!!

Art therapy 1