The Wealth Within

I created this by zooming into a photo of a pyrite sphere I bought last week which showed rainbow colours when the sun shone on it. I then worked on the close-up with PicMonkey and Pixlr. Initially I thought I’d focus on the stars within, because the pyrite is quite extraordinary in its inner brilliance. … More The Wealth Within

Earth’s Bounty

I came across a piece of digital art I created a while back which I never finished, so decided to fiddle with it today. I was inspired by watching small bees buzzing furiously and feeding in the bottlebrush flowers which are in full bloom on the four bottlebrush bushes we have in our garden in … More Earth’s Bounty


Years ago I read a novel about the Norwegian Resistance to the Nazi German invasion and occupation of Norway. One of the Resistance fighters was captured and later led out to be executed. I always remember how he described looking at the world around him for the last time, admiring the blue of the sky … More OPENING TO THE WORLD AROUND US: OPENING TO CREATIVITY