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Playing with Prisma

October 19, 2016


Here are four more images created with a Prisma overlay.  I can’t remember how I created the original image, but to me the first two pieces of digital art relate to the way women are rising up against misogyny and patriarchy, whether in the US, Europe, Middle East, Russia and so on. The last two, […]

Feel the Fire!

October 19, 2016


I’ve been having fun with my new tablet, creating images and then adding overlays by Prisma which offer images and patterns from various artists and art forms. It’s amazing how the energies of an image change with the different colours, so here are a set which relate to fiery images.

Crow Magic

October 19, 2016


A while back I took a photo of five crows sitting on a tree, motionless, against the evening sky.  It was quite eerie, they looked very focused, a bit like ghosts atop the bare branches of the trees. Anyway, I returned to it yesterday and created some new images using Pixlr overlays and frames.  Hope […]

The Life of Stones: Focus

October 19, 2016


This my latest crystal mandala layout – for Focus.  I moved the table away from its previous position beside my crystal collection as I felt the grouped crystals interfered with the energy of the crystal mandala and its intent of focus. It feels heaps better in its new position under my spider drum and Shamanic […]

All Change!

October 14, 2016


I got a bit fed up with my workroom as it felt cluttered, dark and stagnant. So I bought three coloured stands (including, of course, on in purple!), booted out a couple of boring stands, and brightened up the place. I also moved my crystal mandala table from its previous position close to my shelves […]

A Horse With No Name

October 6, 2016


I created this image from a photo I took of a horse at dawn. We had moved from Victoria, Australia, to New South Wales and were staying with a friend. I wandered out around 5.30 one morning to see the horse standing in the early morning mist, hazy and eerie looking, so quickly took a […]

Paradise Circus

October 5, 2016


I created the above image then, for the life of me, couldn’t decide what suited the artwork. Then I remembered Massive Attack (I love at 69 saying my favourite music  is trip-hop, sounds so trendy!) and my favourite track, Paradise Circus. We came across this band when we were living in Australia and used to […]