Astrology – Key to Your Soul

I have been interested in astrology for a number of years because it’s told me so much about myself and my motivations.  To me, astrology explains the song of your soul and what you came onto Earth to do and be.

There is, of course, a lot of eye-rolling when one mentions astrology because so many people are simply accustomed to reading sun sign horoscopes in daily newspapers which of course apply to millions of people.

However, when you dip more deeply into astrology, you find that it is a complex craft which can provide amazing insights into yourself, your life development, your psychological, emotional and spiritual outlook, and what your strengths and weaknesses are.

It was of great interest to me to find that, just going a bit deeper, leads you to your Rising Sign and your Moon Sign, as well as your Sun Sign.  The Rising Sign, or Ascendant, is the constellation on the horizon when you are born.  The first breath you take draws in the energies of this constellation to provide you with the tools to embrace the qualities of your sun sign.  The Sun sign could be characterised as your song, while the Ascendant provides the harmonies of your song.  The Moon gives insight into your inner, emotional life, and so imparts your song with emotion.

Even if you find out just these three aspects of yourself, you’ll have a greater insight into how you reaction in situations, what your passions are, and what your gifts and talents may be – and we all have gifts and talents, regardless of other stories we get told as we grow up.

I have discovered that my Sun sign is Libra, my Ascendant Libra and my Moon is in Aquarius.  Of course, with so much  Libran influence and humanitarian Aquarius thrown into the mix, I like balance, harmony, social justice, fairness, beauty and peace. 

I drive my husband barking mad because I can see both sides of people and events, so often spend a lot of time considering all aspects of a situation before I reach a decision.  And being Libran, of course, I can quite often reach a decision but change my mind a few minutes later because I’ve considered something else in the equation.. As for the Aquarian side within me, I love all things to do with future technology, value my freedom very much and love delving into what makes me and other people tick.  Can’t help myself.

If this has aroused your curiosity about astrology, good, because it’s a fascinating subject.  I like the psychological approach to astrology, but there are all sorts of ways of approaching astrological analysis, which makes it such a rich, in-depth subject. If you’re interested in pursuing astrology further, you can do a search on the internet, or the sites I recommend are:



If you know what your date, time and place of birth are, you can go into, set up your own profile, fill in the details, and you’ll get a natal chart and basic summary of your natal characteristics.  If you want to delve deeper, there’s a heap of information on the web which you can access through search engines.  Good luck and happy astro hunting!



4 thoughts on “Astrology – Key to Your Soul

  1. I’ve always been so interested in this. I’m going to do some digging and see what I can find out about myself, to start with. Love this kind of stuff. Just never really knew where to start and with all the research I do, I know that all websites are not created equal and some may give your computer a terminal virus………….I’ll start with these. Thank you so much. 🙂


    1. If you want some good astrology sites, Astroldienst at is excellent, as it Mystic Medusa ( and also Time Passages. Astrodienst also has a good teaching section which is free and very useful. i love astrology, it illustrates who you are and how you can live as yourself and be comfortable as yourself.

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      1. Thank you so much. I’m so leery of so many sites these days after being hacked more than once, but since you recommend them, I know they’re safe because you’ve been there and you’ve not gotten hacked. I’m very excited to delve into this. Yay!! Something new for me to learn. I knew I wanted to learn something new, I just hadn’t quite figured out, exactly what, yet. But, now I know and this will be fun and interesting. PEACE Hope you’re having a good day, my friend. XX Take care 🙂

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