The Dreaming Songlines

I had a very vivid dream last night where I was setting out on travels to the far north of Australia with an Aboriginal lass. For some reason, she’d committed a crime, had been fined $7000 and ordered to go to the far north to work.

As she was testing the tyres of our 4-wheel-drive before we drove off, I had the sudden insight that she was being sent to the north as part of a new path for her, one where she was to embrace the songlines she’d come into this incarnation to embody. It was a challenge but part of her path on Earth.

At the same time, I was carrying quite a few powerful crystals and, as I walked around the vehicle, I kept finding more crystals including a beautiful pendant. All these I gathered in the bag I was holding.

I’m still working on understanding this dream but it was so clear and strong, I know it has resonance for me, just gotta be patient in working it out!


6 thoughts on “The Dreaming Songlines

  1. Hi, first of all the image is awesome…..I too am intrigued with my own dreams as well as yours…..some mornings it’s tough to explain the whys of those dreams from the night….and I have some wild ones….’Songlines”, the word, the belief appears on my radar every once in a while going way back to the late 1960’s when I knew a Maori man who sometimes mentioned his own life in the context of ‘Songlines”. So this morning seeing, this image ,that pulls me in so strongly, from you and your dream gives me a push to ask where I can learn about that term and what it means in a deep spiritual sense. What it might mean authentically, spiriitually ….btw the way, my dreams these past three nights have been unusual, to say the least, and are calling me to explore the message in a deeper and deeper way….


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