From Here to Eternity

I created this image from a photo of the Standing Stones of Callenish. This stone circle really calls to my heart and this image represents the timelessness of universal energy, the messages of truth which call to us at the spiritual level even more strongly these days, with the cracks representing the openings to alternative universes which can fire up and light our dreams.

2 thoughts on “From Here to Eternity

  1. Oh my, looking at this at this early hour of a morning after an incredible storm which is still winding down … mostly wind now, I’m thinking what a beautiful piece of work honoring that place. I stood there Mo, in the midst of those stones and felt myself touch the earth and the planet deeper that I could have believed. The invitation was not part of our agenda that day but our tour guide had a special relationship with those stones and invited anyone who wanted to come along with her that evening. I’m here this morning in awe after the experience of this storm….I can’t quite explain what this storm was all about for me, but I do know it was a powerful look into the deep places in myself and in my surroundings. Thanks


    1. Like I said on Facebook, there’s some weird stuff happening on our Planet. What a fantastic experience for you – I can actually feel myself within this Circle and feel the energy of these stones. Quite awesome.


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