World Tree of Dancing Light

Yesterday a friend in America responded to comments made by a friend in Australia. In the early hours of yesterday morning I read words by a friend in Canada which helped me get back to sleep again. Daily I read wonderful quotes and look at beautiful art posted by a friend in Africa.

And in the early hours of this morning I woke with the words “World Tree of Dancing Light” in my head, knowing that I needed to create a post to celebrate my family – the good and true friends I’ve made around the world who provide love, nurturance and support to me as I return the same to them.

What made me think about this was a post I’ve seen published quite frequently on Facebook extolling the virtues of letting go of family quarrels and making the peace to restore family ties, but with the underlying theme that family disputes are about bruised egos and imaginary conflicts. To me this is a slap in the face for those of us who have family conflict because of very real, unpleasant, possibly violent actions which have led to the breakdown of family relations.

To me, my family is everything – and my family is all the wonderful friends I have around the world (the US, Australia, Britain, Spain, Africa, Pakistan and other places) who I treasure and value for the very real friendship and support they offer me.

Beyond my immediate family of friends, daily I see support groups where strangers show love, respect and honour for those who stretch their hands out for advice and kindness.

You have no choice about the family you’re born into and if it’s dysfunctional, look after yourself and don’t put up with inappropriate actions which drag you down and don’t support you.

But you can choose your family of friends which is what I am celebrating today – the world tree of roots of friendship reaching deep into Planet Earth which lets us dance joyfully together in the glow of loving kindness, true ties of love and support, and the Grace of true friends who light our lives.


7 thoughts on “World Tree of Dancing Light

  1. Beautiful, Mo. I *so* agree with you. It makes me feel so inadequate at times to know there is no way to rebuild a bridge or even if it would be rebuilt it would blow up in my face again… I am glad to belong to your family and to be able to regard you as an on-line sister. I read your Wildish posts and sometimes would like to comment but I am uncertain as to how to do that – Do I have to become a member of the blog-host?

    Hugs, Karin


    1. Yes, been there done that with Bryan’s sister and brother. Have no desire now to building bridges as we can do without the hate and vitriole. As for commenting, I think I’m right in saying you can comment using your Facebook connection. If I comment (on my own blog, would you believe, I’ve got a choice of WordPress, Facebook and, I think, Twitter. Hope that works okay for you and great to see you name pop up in comments, Karin, you’re a long-time on-line sister for me.


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