Earth’s Bounty

My husband brought home the two large brown seed pods after going for a walk this afternoon. He is planning to sprout them to add to our garden – all our gardens are populated by plants which he’s sprouted or taken cuttings from, as he has a real green thumb.

So I put the seeds together with another set of seed pods and some small stones along with a large one on Japanese art paper. I think they look good sitting there together.

5 thoughts on “Earth’s Bounty

      1. In the spring here, I went to our local health shop and bought ecological tomatoes and paprika, as I took seeds from for new plants and they did grow well, until I came to the hospital. I try again next spring, it worked so well.


  1. Thanks, Deborah, luckily Bryan’s got the green thumb because gardening leaves me completely baffled! BUT for the first time Bryan’s managed to plant petunias and they’ve thrived. Back in Australia they’d look at him and turn up their toes, his one failure which has always irked him. So he’s delighted the petunias here are thriving!


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