Altar to my Spider Totem

Here’s a photo of my altar to my totem, a spider. It is customary not to name the exact spider and I connected with her when I did a soul retrieval. I had to tie a prayer string around my left wrist until it disappeared and my totem would have arrived. So I tied the knot tightly, walked out to my car and the knot had disappeared already. My spider totem appeared, her presence so strong that all the spiders in our home came out to greet her – big, middle and small spiders. Even my husband noticed the spiders everywhere. We were also living in the appropriately named Cobweb Cottage at the time!

My totem sits on my right shoulder. The drum on the wall was blank but once my totem appeared, I painted the spider image and it was amazing how the tone of the drum changed once I’d put my energy into it. I also created the Spider Woman painting. Around the drum are my beaters, rattles, a rain stick and a pair of Aboriginal clap sticks (in the red and black bag) which I sourced from an ethical outlet in the Kimberley region of north-west Western Australia. You need to be careful about buying Aboriginal art in Australia as a lot of it is cheap copies from Indonesia. But my clap sticks are the real deal.

4 thoughts on “Altar to my Spider Totem

  1. It’s an interesting area, Irene. I remember when a spider first entered one of my mandalas, in the upper left corner, and it was a time when I was on my own, Bryan visited his mum in the UK, as I’d felt I needed this time to my own. So it was interesting that the spider was sort of on its way but hadn’t quite arrived.


    1. Thanks, Deb. I always remember showing a lady over our home when we had Cobweb Cottage for sale, and a spider popped out. It was small by comparison to the large huntsman, and I casually said that it was small, her hair stood on end and she rushed out of the cottage as she was terrified of spiders. I hadn’t actually got around to mentioning the tame black house spider which used to lurk close to the toilet!

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