Healing Childhood Trauma

Today I read about childhood disassociation and escape into daydreaming and fantasy and it was a hell of a shock to realise it’s something I did as a child and which has carried on throughout my life.

I know what sparked it off so today I decided to create a healing image of leaving the dark behind and walking the yellow brick road to a future healed of the trauma of the past. Been very, very emotional!

6 thoughts on “Healing Childhood Trauma

    1. Yes, I did, Cindy, I find “The Mighty” a really useful resource for coping with fibromyalia. It’s funny, I have had fibro for 20+ years, cope pretty well, but sometimes there’s a comment on the fibro page and it suddenly occurs to me that what I’ve been experiencing is another facet of the fibro – I call it Fibro Follies as the symptoms change all the time!


  1. for sure….will be covering you today with light and love. You just answered a question for me also….some old family trauma raised its head these past few weeks..and, pain I haven’t had in a year has resurfaced…
    yep, the yellow brick road is the place to go toay…thanks again Mo. Hugs


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