Nature Magick

I’ve been taking part in the Art Every Day November challenge run by Leah Piken Kolidas, and this is my final image. I revisited a photo I took of a nature park when I used to live in Bowraville, on the mid-north coast of New South Wales, Australia. The park was established by an Aboriginal … More Nature Magick

Tree Elders Dreaming

 I created this with Toolwiz and a Pixabay image. I dithered for ages with the images created in a Toolwiz overlay as the other images were much clearer and brighter. But I decided in the end that I liked the more blurred image here because it made me think of trees dreaming into the universe … More Tree Elders Dreaming


I returned to this collage today to brighten it up as it was looking a bit faded. I created it before we left Australia in 2012 to move to North Cyprus. I had a lot of cards I’d kept from people I loved – friends and family – so decided to cut out images (rather … More Memories

Autumn Leaves

I worked on a photo I took a while back of autumn leaves here in North Cyprus. You don’t get the colours of autumn that you experience in colder climates, but I fiddled with the new piZap programme and got these colours instead.

For the Unknown Self So much of what delights and troubles you Happens on a surface You take for ground. Your mind thinks your life alone, Your eyes consider air your nearest neighbor, Yet it seems that a little below your heart There houses in you an unknown self Who prefers the patterns of the … More