Sewing Serenity

I’ve been off with the fairies in a sewing frenzy these past few days.

Last winter I managed to drop some liquids on a favourite black dress which left pale stains. I also leaned against the gas fire and managed to singe my favourite pair of black pants. So I ordered some sew-on, embroidered patches from China (which arrived very promptly), including some extra patterns, and then set about hiding the various stains and singeing.

As one of the patches I ordered was a nice bright red, I sewed that onto a rather boring black, long-sleeved tee-shirt. Then I added a purple/green patch to the black dress (which took ages as the pattern was quite complex and a lot of stitching was involved), and finally added a purple/green patch to my black trousers.

Finally I altered the sleeves on two t-shirts I’d ordered from an on-line supplier, Rose Wholesale, so the arm-holes fitted better. It was a bit more complicated than I thought, but I managed to remain very patient and finally got the arm-holes fixed.

I enjoy sewing although I remain somewhat surprised at this as I hated embroidery and knitting at the Catholic primary school convent I attended, and hated the extremely old-fashioned domestic science lessons we had at grammar school. I’m now, however, quite a dab hand at altering clothes to fit me although my husband’s always rather alarmed when I start hacking at clothes I’ve just bought and I have to reassure him I’m altering them so they fit me properly!

I also enjoy sewing as it’s a meditative practice for me. I can let go of the outside world, focus on the sewing, enjoy the quiet and contemplation, but also enjoy the presence of my dogs keeping me company. In the afternoon the German pointer we are fostering, Luis (formerly Red Ned but now with a  German moniker as in early November he’s off to Berlin), lies with his head on my lap fast asleep. And in the evenings our Border Collie, Maggie Mae, lies fast asleep with her head on my lap.

It is deeply satisfying and a place of serenity and peace, away from all the mayhem in the world today.  Here are pics of my serenity sewing as I call it:

T-shirt with altered arm-holes.
Trousers with patch hiding scorch marks.
Dress with patch hiding fade marks
T-shirt with red embroidery patch.
White t-shirt with altered sleeves.


10 thoughts on “Sewing Serenity

    1. Thanks, Irene. I had to get the patches from China as I couldn’t find anywhere here. There are no big department stores, just small shops so unless you know where a shop is to be found selling embroidery patches, you’re pretty much stuck with ebay.

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  1. Well WOW! These look awesome…..about that ‘domestic science’ class….omg I hated those…..we had to walk to the other side of the city (not that far now with our older legs) to go to class and we learned how to make toast and peel an orange…but the sewing just about undid me…I did not like those classes at all but oddly enough I ended up making my own clothes for years and clothes for my sons as well. And I am a really good cook… I love these patches……your things look amazing as always..


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