Rock Whispers

I created this from a photo my friend took in the Giraween National Park in the far north of New South Wales.

In the original photo, there is a rock with the clear shape of a mouth and from this I had the image of rocks whispering their magic and ancient knowledge to us over the eons, not necessarily in the words we humans see as necessary for communication, but in colours, images and rock art.

4 thoughts on “Rock Whispers

    1. Thanks, Dina. My next project is working on a group of rocks we loved in Western Australia. We called it Frog Dreaming as you could see frogs in the rocks and then I found out that Frog was the totem of the local Aboriginal tribe.


  1. I really like this one……and your explanation of the rocks…..this group of rocks are amazing and your thoughts on their messages to all of us are spot on….thanks again for sharing …..


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