I Am Memory!

Around 2.30am, my husband let our dogs out and Maggie Mae came back to drop something on the bed beside me. I thought it was a rock and went to pick it up and put it away, only to find myself in close proximity to something very prickly. When I put the light on, I found we had a hedgehog in our bed, much to our surprise!  Luckily, our dog hadn’t harmed it although how she brought it in without the prickles hurting her mouth is beyond me. Anyway, said hedgehog was placed gently outside our front gate in the garden and had taken itself off when we got up this morning.

As this was so unusual, this morning I looked up the metaphysical meaning of hedgehog: Being a nocturnal creature, the symbolism of the hedgehog deals with intuition, psychic ability, prophetic dreams and visions. … That the hedgehog’s active time is at night is symbolic of “second sight.”

Which was absolutely true as, just before I awoke this morning, I had an amazingly powerful, initiatory dream which was incredibly clear. I could remember going back eons where I was told, along with other people – women and men – that we would far in the future remember when the time was right that a ceremony would take place. I was especially instructed by the leading light, a powerful woman, that I too was powerful and must remember the details of what was being created at the beginning gathering.

I was totally confident I’d remember when the time came that I would recall the memories of this special ritual and knew exactly that the time was now. I had to go to the top of a tower with all the others also present, then run down the steps in special robes carrying a chalice of herbs. Everyone was dancing – women and men – and when I get to the bottom the powerful woman was there to tell me that I am the chosen one.

I stepped outside, to see the moon covered in clouds. But as I stepped forward holding the chalice of herbs, the clouds suddenly cleared and a huge, absolutely huge moon emerged. I held the chalice up and chanted loudly: “I Am Memory! I Am Memory! I Am Memory!” And the powerful woman stepped forward and told me I was the High Priestess of Memory.

I felt quite stunned when I woke up and exhilarated.  It explains my deep connection to rocks, stones and crystals and the memories I sense within them. And it was also exhilarating to have experienced such a powerful dream. I’ve read of dreams like this but never experienced one. They can’t be forced but, by golly, when they do turn up out of the blue – as this one has – it is quite transformational!

6 thoughts on “I Am Memory!

  1. Holy …! I have heard of a cat bringing a mouse, but to find a hedgehog in ones bed is amazing! 🙂
    Good it was not harmed and it didn’t harm you. Thanks for the explanation, much appreciated!


  2. It was quite funny, Dina, as i thought Maggie Mae had brought in a rock – until I went to pick it up and it was prickly. I turned the light on, stared at this ball of prickles beside me and, when Bryan came back to bed, said to him: “Am I going mad, or is that a hedgehog beside me?” He looked and said: “Yes, it’s a hedgehog!” and our pooch looked so pleased with herself! Bryan went to pick it up and I told him he’d need to use his t-shirt, and at least the hedgehog had gone the next day so it must have been okay. It’s the second hedgehog we’ve had in our garden. With the first one, we saw the dogs all in a huddle by our garden bed (which is fenced off) and Bryan found the hedgehog inside. So once again, a mercy trip to the great outside was in order and this hedgehog was okay too!


  3. You handled the appearance of the hedge hog in bed with much better then I would or could. LOL Over the years I have had a number of very unusual dreams and upon analysis an important message. Thanks for sharing your story with yours!


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