Honour the Earth/Honour the Water Protectors

I found the original image of bison on the move in Pixabay (where you can pick up free images) and it reminded me of the bison as part of our earth heritage and appearing at Standing Rock as the Water Protectors were standing up for clean waters. So it’s not just about honouring the earth, but also those who are standing up to protect the waters around the earth wherever action is needed.

5 thoughts on “Honour the Earth/Honour the Water Protectors

  1. I’ve just been reading about the upcoming silk festival in N Cyprus and have commented on how I’m using silk from Bursa (N Turkey) in my art and how it connects my ‘Englishness’ with my husband’s ‘Turkishness’, through silk. Now I find your ‘bison’ and Standing Rock. I had a dream a long time ago in which I received a single image of what I identified then as a buffalo. In fact it was a bison. I consider it one of my ‘power animals’. I’ve known about Standing Rock for some years. Recently I’ve been dismayed at what is going on there since Trump assumed his presidency. Thanks for your lovely artwork which has brought all this to me.


    1. Glad you liked the image. It’s interesting – I had a dream quite a while back of being in my grandmother’s kitchen, looking out of the window and seeing a huge bison placidly eating the grass in the garden. I’ve never forgotten that, it’s as real to me today as the night I had the dream so, like you, I see bison as also one of my power animals. I think it’s very sad what is happening to the environment and to people since Trump was elected, shameful to see how gains are rolled back so quickly and brutally.

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      1. My bison appeared to me in a garden too. My dream too was a good number of years ago. And oh, yes I couldn’t believe Trump had been elected. I did the Women’s March here in London in protest of his attitude towards women, LGBT and the environment. He’s dangerous, out of control of his emotions, immature, grossly ignorant. His statement that ‘the Chinese’ ‘invented’ climate change – unbelievable! Just been to a talk by Tony Juniper, who used to be head of Friends of the Earth. What he had to say was frightening. Cold facts and figures. Just got his book: What’s Really Happening to our Planet? Governments have to start doing some joined up thinking or within less than 20 years the environment will not be supplying all the oxygen we need to survive.


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