The Fire of Intuition

I’m really big on intuition, too often we ignore it and then later realised we should have listened to postcards from the heart, as I read it described somewhere yonks ago.  I always “know” what is the right house for us when we move (although we’ve been here in North Cyprus for five years which is a miracle in itself!). When we were looking for a new car, we drew up by a car yard in Kempsey, mid-north coast of New South Wales, and “knew” which car was meant to be ours, a Subaru Outlook which had a sort of light glowing around it.  My husband was a bit taken aback when I said we’d take the car but agreed later, after I’d explained what had happened and we’d driven it home, that it was a brilliant vehicle. And I dreamed the date of our wedding, a voice told me in my sleep it would be 23rd July 2004 which turned out to be one of the warmed, sunniest days of a wet, dreary summer.. I always listen to my intuition when meeting people and it’s never let me down. I believe it’s an integral part of ourselves and, when we meld it with our logical side, we function as much more well-balanced human beings.

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