Crystals Galore!

Friday afternoon I was sitting creating some art pieces when I got the nudge that crystals I’d ordered from the US had arrived. Normally parcels from America turn up in roughly 2-3 weeks but this package turned up within 1.5 weeks because, yes, when my husband popped up to our post box in Alsancak, there were my crystals waiting for me, beautifully packed in a cardboard box. So my intuition is working nicely, I’m pleased to say.

I must admit that I ripped the parcel apart in my excitement to get at the crystals I’d ordered.  So here below are my gorgeous new stones,  supplied by Jan Haerer at: She sends out monthly posts about new arrivals and really has a wonderful selection of varied, high quality crystals if you’re looking for a reliable supplier.


Ametrine is a combination of amethyst and citrine so you get purple shot with pale yellow. This stone comes from Bolivia and for me is a stone of balance and creative inspiration.
















I find this stone very soft and calming, just right as a palmstone for meditation.









I love everything from the Sahara desert, got no idea why.  I have a couple of Libyan desert glass pieces as well as a couple of rocks from the Saharan region. This one I have yet to work with but it’s really interesting, patterned one side and very smooth the other, almost like lava rock.


This crystal is from Pakistan and is a light smoky quartz together with feldspar and one piece of deep green tourmaline along with other green tourmaline scattered through the crystal. The green tourmaline is so dark it seems almost black but looks heavenly when you hold the stone up to the light. I haven’t worked with it yet so why I’m drawn to it. I have no idea but I know, when I saw the list of new crystals on offer, that this piece called to me.









The original Messina mine was finally exhausted a few years back, but there’s been a new find of quartz in recent times and this is where this crystal cluster has come from. It’s a complex stone – multiple terminations at both ends, and at one end there’s what I think is a small gwindel formation, where the quartz grows in different directions. It is elestial at one end and has a layer of green druzy epidote at the reverse side. Again I haven’t worked with this quartz yet so have to wait until I suss out how I interaction with it.




















Finally, and by no means least, Jan added in a freebie for me, a clear quartz point which is small, 5cms long, but packs a real power punch. I felt it resonate with me as soon as I picked it up, and I know it’s to help me balance my energies better and assist in healing from the fungal infection I’ve had on my left foot and which has been driving me mad as the itching at night in the warm bed kept me awake throughout the night for a couple of weeks. It’s settling down now and I intended to turn this small wand into a pendant I can wear around my throat chakra.

The Fire of Intuition

I’m really big on intuition, too often we ignore it and then later realised we should have listened to postcards from the heart, as I read it described somewhere yonks ago.  I always “know” what is the right house for us when we move (although we’ve been here in North Cyprus for five years which is a miracle in itself!). When we were looking for a new car, we drew up by a car yard in Kempsey, mid-north coast of New South Wales, and “knew” which car was meant to be ours, a Subaru Outlook which had a sort of light glowing around it.  My husband was a bit taken aback when I said we’d take the car but agreed later, after I’d explained what had happened and we’d driven it home, that it was a brilliant vehicle. And I dreamed the date of our wedding, a voice told me in my sleep it would be 23rd July 2004 which turned out to be one of the warmed, sunniest days of a wet, dreary summer.. I always listen to my intuition when meeting people and it’s never let me down. I believe it’s an integral part of ourselves and, when we meld it with our logical side, we function as much more well-balanced human beings.

Bright Blessings

I love images of humming birds and I thought that this image with the background reminded me again of staying positive in a challenging world. I make a point of reading good news stories and about the kindness of people around the world as it shows me again and again that the good in this world far outweighs the negative.

As Above, So Below – Benediction for Planet Earth

I created this in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep – decided to seize the opportunity to make creative use of my insomnia and create some art. Again, digital art with Toolwiz, image of hawk from Pixabay.  Having completed this, I climbed back into bed and went fast asleep – mission accomplished!

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

This image was created from a photo of a tidal area in Australia, and overlaid with a pic I took of a yellow-orange gazania in our garden in North Cyprus.

I called it “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” because there is so much miserable stuff going on around the world, we need to remind ourselves that love,  light and laughter still exist to brighten our lives. And it’s still okay to have FUN!

As the Latin expression goes “Nil desperandum carburundum illegitami”: Don’t let the bastards grind you down!

Love – the Infinite Blessing

Love for people is far more important to me than love of money.  Love is the engine of the universe and those who worship the almighty dollar and live for the dollar are denying their hearts the power and wisdom of love which, to me, is the engine of the universe.