Rest and Reflection

I was pretty much under the weather yesterday with sciatica and back pain which led to a sleepless night and a feeling of cotton wool in my head yesterday.  I also get quite depressed on these days so thought I’d express it in artwork.

My first idea was something dark and dreary to reflect how I felt, but I was drawn to a photo of an orange gazania for some reason.  I fiddled with it as I found the orange far too bright for me to handle with feeling so wiped out, and eventually this image emerged courtesy of Toolwiz and its various gizmos.

I felt it was a reminder to me from my inner voice to simply rest and reflect on the best ways to honour my body when I feel exhausted and a bit depressed. So yesterday, apart from this piece of digital art, I did stuff all and enjoyed sitting reading a murder-mystery on my sofa, with a warm dog lying beside me and feeling its unconditional love and company helping me get some rest, reflection and recuperation.

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