Truth Rising

truth-rising-1I’m really rather grateful to Donald Trump as his antics are providing constant inspiration for my art. Having said that, I still consider him an evil, lying, misogynist, racist, homophobic, sorry excuse for a human being.  I have absolute contempt for this disgusting man, as you can probably pick up!

Anyway, in the wake of Trump’s administration’s shonky ties with Russia plus the unhinged tweets by the President this morning, I was inspired to create this piece of digital art to celebrate the search for truth and the refusal of so many to buy into the lies of Trump, his administration and his officials.

Truth will triumph!

8 thoughts on “Truth Rising

  1. Love it. John Dean was interviewed on The New Yorker Radio Hour where he compares Trump’s “Russiagate” with Nixon’s “Watergate.” The similarity between the two men is extraordinary. Dean says that Trump, however, is more authoritarian than Nixon.


    1. Thanks, Rita. I tend to think that the real problem is not the front man, Trump, who is certifiably off his rocker, but the puppet masters behind him who are getting on with the real job of turning America into a feeding-ground for the billionaire class at the expense of the great majority of people and the environment. Frightening, very frightening (and hopefully I don’t sound like Trump too much saying that!!!).

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  2. Once again a liberal leftist who is filled with hatred

    Because you don’t research facts

    Our November 8th election was about one thing

    Americanism = Donald Trump


    Globalism = Hillary Clinton

    America chose Americanism so America can keep it’s sovereignty

    Rather than be ruled under a One World Government aka New World Order NWO

    Which is under the control of

    George Soros

    Hillary Clinton’s top money man

    If you’re brave enough and think you can handle the truth

    Fact Check: George Soros


    1. Well, yes, I have to admit that I’m a terrible leftie, liberal, progressive – just hang on while I wind out my horns, swish my tail and role my blood-red eyes. But full of hatred? No. I wouldn’t waste my energy by hating Trump. I have absolute contempt for him, absolute contempt for a man who mocks a disabled reporter, sexually assaults women, stirs up hatred against Mexicans, immigrants in general and Jewish people; is Islamaphobic; stirs up fear rather than hope; builds walls rather than longer tables where call can sit; is a serial liar; has surrounded himself with billionaires instead of “clearing out the swamp”; is so racist and supremacist he’s supported by the Evangelical Taliban and the KKK; and won the votes of white people hankering for a past free of people who weren’t white, gay, disabled and where women knew their place – barefoot, pregnant, no rights, poorly educated, in the kitchen. For your information, 19.5% of the American population voted for Trump; 19.8% for Clinton; 28.6% were ineligible to vote; and 29.9% didn’t vote, hardly a decisive choice for Americanism. In the popular vote, Clinton left Trump for dead and Trump only won due to Republican gerrymandering. As for Soros – behind the election it was a battle between sections of the billionaire class for control of America. And that battle continues today. I can handle the truth, I read voraciously all sorts of material, so I know about Soros and his influence. But are YOU brave enough to handle the truth about Trump? Personally I think the US is better than this appalling man – I’ve so admired those who’ve stood up for justice, decent treatment of people whoever they are, against his efforts to switch public to private education; to decimate the environment. The list is endless. Trump isn’t for America, he’s for greed and thank god there are so many brilliant people in the US who can see this and are standing up for the real, culturally rich, unselfish America.


      1. Where was all that outrage when President Obama bombed Countries killing innocent men women and children in the Middle East when he was in office

        Which lead to the refugee crisis we now have

        Obama bombed their homes leaving those innocent people homeless

        Or perhaps…

        “We came We saw He died”

        The words of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as she laughed over having Gaddafi assassinated

        Which lead to the creation of the terrorist group ISIS

        Which has also killed innocent men women and children including gays which ISIS has thrown off of roof tops to their deaths

        Oh that’s right CNN kept it all quiet

        Now that would have been things worth your temper tantrum


        Perhaps when President Bill Clinton had an affair in the Oval Office getting blow jobs

        Abusing women
        Groping women
        Raping women

        And yes dear old Hillary made sure she discredited everyone of those women calling them liars and whores in public

        That’s what a real outrage is all about

        Just before Obama left office in January 2017 Obama permanently banned all Cubans from entering into the USA

        Fact Check: wet foot/dry foot

        Obama banned all Iraqi people from coming into the USA for 6 months while he was President

        Obama has done so much to abuse humanity

        But for some strange reason no one had a single word to say or a sign to protest with or a match to burn down a town for

        Most of what you repeated was verbatim the education you received from CNN

        Yet the real truth on how you and others like you are being used by the media by being brainwashed into believing fake news that you all pass on has already beyond any preponderance of a doubt been proved to be lies

        You just choose not to accept the truth

        As for Hillary Clinton a little catch up

        It has been and currently continues to surface and is being investigated that millions of non citizens who are not legal to vote in the USA voted for

        …yes you got it Hillary Clinton

        And PS: just because a candidate wins the States of California and New York like Hillary did does not win the White House

        President Trump won the majority of the States Counties Towns and Cities which was the voice and votes of the majority of Americans

        It’s why our ForeFathers put forth the Electoral College so all voices could be heard and all votes would be counted not just highly populated States such as California and New York

        Which would determine the outcome of every election

        Why would we even bother to vote then?

        It’s a sad day for all women everywhere when someone like you can’t bring into other people’s lives a bit of joy and happiness in your thoughts and words that you pass along for those to read

        Maybe you could practice what you use to preach 😊

        At one time I thoroughly enjoyed reading your message

        But no longer…

        Your words are spreading depression hatred and lies

        Under those conditions of your negativity I unfollowed your blog yesterday

        You lost…get over it you’re now looking foolish to continue with the nonsensical BS

        Have some dignity in yourself


      2. You have no idea what I’ve said or done in the past in relation to Clinton or Trump, on Facebook or privately, and you are therefore misrepresenting my views. And to say my education comes from CNN is laughable – I never watch it. I use a lot of on-line news services for my info sources. I notice too that you haven’t replied to my criticisms of Trump because there is no justification for this horrible man. It’s quite obvious we will never agree so good on you for unfollowing my blog. My dignity comes from standing up for compassion, tolerance and hope, not bigotry, hatred and greed. Shame on you for having no pride and supporting a man who is utterly contemptible.


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