The Sands of Time

I created this because I’ve been thinking of how changes occur, slowly but surely, as sands does when it’s blown across deserts and forms new shapes and landscapes. Each empire has always believed it was invincible yet the history of humanity is of empires rising and falling. And so we see cries of “Make America … More The Sands of Time

Truth Rising

I’m really rather grateful to Donald Trump as his antics are providing constant inspiration for my art. Having said that, I still consider him an evil, lying, misogynist, racist, homophobic, sorry excuse for a human being.  I have absolute contempt for this disgusting man, as you can probably pick up! Anyway, in the wake of … More Truth Rising

Navigating the Canyons of Truth

The title of this arose from all the murky news items that are going around, false stories, and son. The darkness of this image reflects the need to dig deep, sometimes into rather unpleasant material, to find out really what the truth is, rather than the spin and “alternative truth” doing the rounds these days.