World Turning (Barbarians at the Gate)

world-keeps-turningI’ve been absent for a while, had the dreaded fibro fog, a well-known feature of fibromyalgia which slows your brain down and makes it feel like its full of cotton wool.

I have been sitting creating digital art with my tablet, about all my brain was fit for so over the next few days I’ll post the images I had fun playing with.

Today, however, I created the above image after reading about the intention of the Trump administration to gut funding to the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

It brings to mind the book-burning of the fascists in Nazi Germany and underpins the ethos of the new administration – money/profits at all costs and contempt for the artistic heritage and enrichment of the nation.

It’s easy to feel depressed when you read of this savagery and barbarity, but nevertheless across the US there’s a ground swell of opposition to the actions of the Trump administration which give hope for a resistance movement to a potentially fascist and ignorant bunch of blowhards.

With this in mind, I remembered the Fleetwood Mac song, World Turning, which inspired the above piece of digital art, and below is the band singing this number.

Remember: Onwards. Upwards. Resist. Create a new community!

And just for your information, here’s the foundation art for the final image:


7 thoughts on “World Turning (Barbarians at the Gate)

  1. I love this…the butterflies are a perfect symbol for resistance. They have to endure almost dying before they turn into something beautiful.


  2. One of my favorite Fleetwood Mac songs! Yup, it pretty much sucks to be an American right now.. All those values we were brought up with; “give me your tired, your hungry, your poor” is all just a bunch of bullshit right now….


    1. I don’t blame you for the rant, Deb, but you’re not on your own – there’s a tide of hate and bigotry in the UK, Europe and Australia. It’s one reason why I stepped up my art creation – to provide something to life one’s spirits and remember the beauty of the world, despite the challenging times.

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