Spring is Sprung

Here’s a little ditty for Spring:

Spring is sprung

The grass is riz.

I wonder where the birdies iz!

I wandered around our garden and parking area today and got the following photos, showing that Spring is popping its lovely head up as it’s now quite mild here in North Cyprus, thank goodness.

Hawthorn buds
Oxalis buds – yes, I know oxalis is a week but it’s still very pretty and indomitable.
First leaves of wildflowers – very pretty and delicate when they do flower but I have no idea what they are.
Wild fennel
Winter flowering jasmine
First pink-red roses of the season
Lavender Bush
Lavender Bush
First bud of 2017 for our Apothecary's Rose
First bud of 2017 for our Apothecary’s Rose

11 thoughts on “Spring is Sprung

  1. What a delightful little stroll through your garden, Mo. Although Seattle weather is spitting out a few flakes of snow as I write, our spring will spring in a couple of weeks, as usual. We are desperate for it. I tried watching the news last night and dissolved in tears, choking down panic. I had to turn it off. Today is another day. May we all be well.


    1. It’s quite pleasant here, thank goodness we don’t get some of the cold weather I see in the US. I must say it does life one’s spirits to see sunshine again, we had a fortnight of torrential rain, floods (didn’t affect us, thank goodness) and storms. Really weird weather. And I sympathise watching the news – when I managed to tip a vase of water down our big TV and blew it up (!) we packed in our TV subscription as we realised we only watched the news and it was thoroughly depressing. Any news we get now is on-line and it’s a blessed relief not watching grim story after grim story night after night. Good luck with Trump & Co, they are going down a very dark road.

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  2. What a lovely gift..thank you…..we’ve no sign of spring really but have had very little snow this winter….cold today though and windy….but the sun is bright and the crows are cawing and some little birds around…so I’m happy…..hugs to you


    1. Thanks, Harolyn, glad it lifted your spirits. I must say that spring seems to be turning up early, around 15-19C which is quite extraordinary for this time of the year. Last year summer turned up very early and finished early so whether this is a sign of climate change or not I don’t know.


    1. I’ve ready about Chicago’s weather, Deborah, and also the fact it’s known as the windy city and while it sounds very romantic to someone overseas, I think I’ll hang on to the weather here in North Cyprus. I really am have got completely dis-acclimatised to cold weather, can’t believe I lived in North-East Scotland for 6 months, never been so cold in all my life and I have no desire to repeat that experience!


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