dreamscapeI remembered two interesting dreams when I woke this morning and created this image to reflect the dreamscapes they invoked.

The first dream was a discussion of weight loss. I piled on 14 lbs when I started blood pressure tablets last summer, but I’ve weaned myself off them now.  I have lost 10lbs in the past couple of weeks which has pleased me no end, not because I’m obsessed with dieting, but because I want to get healthier and feel fitter.

In the dream I told the people I was with that I was losing weight by filling out a food diary which helped me monitor what I was eating, planning my meals and noting how I felt the next day after particular foods. The people in the dream were very encouraging,  excited and supportive, and urged me to keep following the same path in order to get healthy.  Pretty clear dream, eh?

But the next one was beyond amazing. I dreamed I’d been invited to a shamanic art workshop in Queensland. In the dream, my husband came in to wake me up he brought three letters with him: the first told me that my fare would be paid and I was in tears of gratitude at reading that; the second letter offered me clothing and gear for my travel and participation at the conference; and the third one bought immediate action – a body clearing by my friend in Brisbane, BJ Long, which felt absolutely wonderful, left me feeling light and full of spiritual energy. She was helped by other women who were light beings and incredibly spiritual and nurturing.

Then I realised I’d lost my working stick and one of the women, a shamanic practitioner, offered to get me a replacement from her mother’s magickal stock, providing me with a replacement walking stick in the meantime which felt very light, easy to handle and helped me feel freer in my movements and more confident.

I’m still working on all the implications of the second dream (and any suggestions as to meaning would be appreciated) but it left me feeling incredibly loved and nurtured by the universe and by my friends.


2 thoughts on “Dreamscape

  1. What great gifts to you, Mo! I really like the art piece as well. Meanwhile over here we are having Trump nightmares. The good news is that at my Seattle airport alone 6,000 people spontaneously assembled to resist on Saturday afternoon!


    1. Thanks, Rita. yes, nightmare is the word for Trump, you wake up each day wondering what other catastrophe is going to happen. He even managed to be rude to our Australian Prime Minister, who’s an ally! Good about the gathering at Seattle airport, Seattle sounds a lovely city, read so much praise from people who like the place. Keep your chin up!

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