Onwards & Upwards towards a new Community


I created this image to resonate with the beginnings of a new society, the seeds of which we can see in the women’s marches on Saturday 21st January, the fight back of the National Parks Service.

And I’m including a video I made in relation to the millions of women who marched around the world, solidarity between women, the disabled, Mexicans, African-Americans, Muslims, LGBT community – the 98% of us who have interested in common as opposed to the very tiny minority of billionaire rip-off merchants.

7 thoughts on “Onwards & Upwards towards a new Community

  1. Woah…Thank you, Mo. Excellent thoughts. This.EPA freeze-out is terrifying in its reality and it’s implications onward. If you have not already seen it…look for two videos on Huff Post today, Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann.


    1. Yes, I did, Rita. I also saw the renegade alternative National Parks Twitter account which I thought was, in one sense, very, very brave, but also hilarious: as fast as Trump tries to put out one fire, another one springs up behind him. I don’t think people are going to take Trump & Co. lying down which is great, as far as I’m concerned!

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  2. I love your views – you are RIGHT ON and we need to be fired up! I am!!! Have never been so busy calling my reps and petitioning them as now. I’m watching our country burn to the ground and almost half of them don’t seem to care, while the other half are busy as hell trying to put out the fire. Sure our government is broken and it needs to come down – I’m just hoping there isn’t a war at this point….


    1. These are difficult times but I did enjoy your post about being fired up to create – couldn’t get through to post a “like” though. I am starting a new movement – those who want war, Donald Duck and the far more frightening Steve Bannon pulling his strings, can go to the front to lead it. No more sacrifices from young men and women, get the oldies out there, the parliamentarians and war-mongers. If they want war, go and wage it themselves! I don’t live in the US but I really feel for those of you who can see the dangers of a Trump adminstration and frustration at those who are ignoring the danger signals. But the resistance has been wonderful and that is so heartening, isn’t it?

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      1. Whew, Mo I cannot even begin to tell you how chaotic it has been. 45 is just not of sound mind. I realize people wanted change, but not at the cost of human decency. THAT has been the hardest part for most of us to digest, the lack of human decency in our fellow citizens… In spite of it all, we persevere and shine our love light in these dark times and it has made us stronger! I love your idea, let THEM fight their war I’m @ peace with mother earth and humanity… Whatever happens….

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