Sacred Garden

I created this image from a photo of the garden at the Chalice Well, Glastonbury, UK. In a past life workshop years ago I had a vision of life as a monk tending the gardens in Glastonbury, England. The photo of the gardens brought back that memory for me.    

Waters of Peace

This would have to be one of my favourite images – I have no idea how I got this, I was just playing with photos and Toolwiz last night and this emerged. I love working with my tablet and the Toolwiz app!  


This image was created from a photo of castle ruins. I love old castles, they are so resilient, steeped in history and a monument to those who built them so many, many years ago.

Sands of Time

This image developed from a photo I had of a standing stone in the UK.  I like the feeling of age associated with the stone but also the links from the past to the present to the future. I think too there’s a feeling of peace if we take time to think of the aeons … More Sands of Time