Madonna of Compassion


I have to be honest and say that Madonna of Compassion is one of my favourite creations. If I remember correctly, the original image was created with the FlowArtapp.And I added in some amendments with the help of my App of the Moment, Toolwiz.

I guess the Madonna of Compassion is something desperately needed in this wacko world of ours, so I hope some energy expands from the image to assuage in part the great suffering on this lovely planet of ours.


8 thoughts on “Madonna of Compassion

  1. The wife and I noticed your blog and appreciate the art work you show here. Please allow me to encourage you to keep writing and never abandon this site. I develop mobile apps for bloggers, and if you are ever curious about having a mobile app version of this blog, I would love to help. We appreciate the hard work you have put into this blog and wish you all future success in business and in life.
    Thank you for your time, it is the most precious thing we all possess.


    1. Thanks for your kind comments. I apologise for not replying before, been tied up with some accounts (which I hate) and also laid low by a virus travelling through Cyprus. I’m interested in your comment about a mobile app and wondered how much this would cost as I’m on a basic age pension, don’t want to waste your time if your work is beyond my means. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best regards, Mo.


      1. Believe it or not I am not charging you anything to create the app at all. Most people do not believe this at first, but it would greatly help my skills and reputation as a developer to have more apps on the market. I only ask that you try the app thoroughly and inform me of any upgrades you think that it could use. Also at the current time I am only releasing Android based mobile apps and will have the Apple devices ready in a couple of weeks.


      2. Well, that’s a nice surprise to find no cost. I could always repay you by creating some artwork for you, get it printed on canvas here and post it to you, if you like the idea. I am actually quite thrilled at the possibility of having an app for my blog although I’ve got no idea how it would work, but I’m always up for something new. Onwards and upwards, teacups! I only work with Android, by the way, not enamoured of Apple’s monopoly tactics nor can I afford their products! Look forward to hearing from you. cheers, Mo


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