Art Playground

I’ve been having enormous fun playing with a new app I discovered by accident called ToolWiz, and also an updated version of piZap.  The piZap site is only available for current users and only on Chrome or Apple, to test out new features and give feedback. It has heaps more gizmos than the current version so keep your eyes open for the new version when it’s finally released.

Here are some of the images I created on piZap from one piece of digital art:

humanity-1 patterns2 patterns3 patterns4 patterns5 patterns6 patterns7 patterns9 patterns10 patterns11 patterns12 patterns13 patterns14 patterns15 patterns17

4 thoughts on “Art Playground

    1. Thanks, Rita. The Toolwiz is quite amazing, I’ve been exploring all that it offers and it’s astounding. Check out if any of the features you are using have a downward arrow on the left-hand side as you can then download more features. The new piZap hasn’t been released yet, it’s on a trial basis, but it’s on-line. I don’t know if they’ll also create an app. Have fun!


    1. Glad you enjoyed them, Harolyn, I am just so pleased I finally bought a tablet as there is much arty-farty stuff you can do on it. Like I said to Rita, the Toolwiz is really quite amazing, one of the best apps I’ve come across.


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