Worlds Within Worlds


I created this piece of digital art from an image I created with SilkArt, then superimposed with various overlays from Pixlr.

It seemed to me to signify the various layers we can imagine in alternative, parallel universes.

5 thoughts on “Worlds Within Worlds

    1. How lovely to hear from you,Rita, as I was just thinking of you today and planning to track you down to see how you’re going. Things are quiet in North Cyprus,there are talks between the north and south on reunification but most of us in the north are very dubious about the outcome as Greek Cypriots are still very hostile to the north. We don’t see much action where I live on the north coast, although there are plenty of air strikes from the British base in the south. Dreadful situation all round in the Middle East. And I must say that Trump’s election raises fears about the future of peace in the world. I had a bit of a quiet time, lost two good friends and my husband’s first wife died after 10 years with cancer of the blood, hit me a bit, but I’m picking up now and feeling more clear-headed. I must tell you – the ATM at our local bank stuffed up when my husband tried to make quite a large withdrawal, no cash came through although we were charged. The Bank was most unhelpful so my husband went to our local police station who were wonderful, very helpful, very friendly and sympathetic as it was a big loss for us as age pensioners and, lo and behold, they found the person who’d received our payout when he used his card, and we had our money back within 6 hours of our complaint. Brilliant, eh? So good things do happen and I really love how friendly, helpful and kind people are here generally. Just some good news for you. Hope you are keeping well, the situation in the US sounds very difficult for many people, but then I see so many acts of kindness and support for others facing difficult situations and I remember that there far more good people than those who choose to live in hate.

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      1. Thank you, Mo! Life has been challenging all around for so many. I had to withdraw for talk for a few months so I wouldn’t kill someone! The aura of negativity in my country has been deadly. Yes. The world SHOULD fear this Trump presidency. I am deeply ashamed.

        But we are back now, to try and raise the vibration. Carry on, Friend-


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