Jewellery Fun & Games (aedm24)

jewellery-repairsWe had a rather prolonged power cut on 24th November, so I decided to take advantage of an internet-free few hours and repair some jewellery. The red pendant and earrings needed some new small stones so I added Swarovski flat-back crystals and rose quartz chips.

As for the other two, we went back to the UK in 1994 for a holiday after my husband’s father died and while visiting our daughter in north-east Scotland we came across a gorgeous little craft shop tucked away in the back streets of Fraserburgh. I bought two brooches because I liked the Celtic designs but have never worn them much as I’m not into brooches. So today I cut off the clips and added a hanger on each with silver wire so that I can wear them as pendants. Very satisfying, wish I’d thought of this before!I

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