StarTreeTalk (AEDM11)


I created this piece of digital art from a photo a friend took of tree roots in bushland in northern New South Wales.

I added in the stars because I always have this vision that nothing is separate in the galaxy and we’d be surprised by the conversations between trees and stars!

6 thoughts on “StarTreeTalk (AEDM11)

  1. I find this interesting, well first…it’s just a cool picture! But second, my grandmother (now deceased) was a writer. And a psychic. And schizophrenic. And native American. Yes, quite a woman. Anyway, I was recently looking through a box of all her old writings, and the themes were recurrent…most often, stories about cosmic relationships between trees and the heavens. She was working on compiling her stories into a book, “The Tree of Life”. This picture, and the meaning behind it, just made me smile:)


    1. I came across a profound linkage with stars and earth, firstly, in the story of the philosopher, Laurens van der Post, who found he couldn’t hear the song of the stars when he was out in the desert with bushmen. The bushmen expressed pity at his disability! And in Australia I heard an Aboriginal woman talking about how her father always sang the stars to sleep as dawn rose each morning. She now paints stars on all her artwork. Glad you liked the image and thank you for telling me about our grandmother, she sounds awesome. Can you complete her book as her writings sound so interesting. Hugs to you and your memories of a fine woman.


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