To the Stars (AEDM9)


I couldn’t post yesterday as we had a power cut, but today I did an image for healing of grief – I have lost two good friends in the past couple of months, one to a massive heart attack at 58 and another to breast cancer at 64. A distant family member has also died in the past couple of weeks.

I’ve had severe back pain which I feel is a physical response to grief and the close dances with death in recent times. I realised from someone’s comment yesterday that I’ve really been bottling up my grief as these deaths have hit me very hard, on top of which is real depression at the US election results. So this image is a step towards healing from sadness and grief, a very emotional step for me. I called it “To the Stars” although I’m not quite sure why but it felt right.#aedm2016

2 thoughts on “To the Stars (AEDM9)

  1. Beautiful image. Grief and loss affect us physically I believe. I am sorry for the losses of your friends- I also lost 2 friends last year and understand how hard it is and the lingering sadness it brings.


    1. Thanks for your comment, I knew my friend in the UK was dying and she had accepted it and was ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge, but the sudden death of my friend in our apartment complex really hit me as it was so sudden and she was so – relatively – young. She did give me a lovely gift just before she died, so I do have something to remember Debs by.


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