Sanctuary Space – Work Desk (AEDM7)


Today I thought I’d post a pic of what I call “sanctuary space” on my work desk. I’m not keen on the term “altar” due to a rather unpleasant experience at a Catholic convent as a kid which is why I prefer the term “sanctuary”. The little Buddha I found in Coffs Harbour, mid-north coast of New South Wales, Australia, and the angel and Isis figurines I found in an op/charity shop when I was living in south-east Queensland. The little “Friends” book was gifted to me on my return to Australia from the UK by friends I’d made while living in Nelson, Lancashire.

The little dish has peridot chips for lightness of heart and on top of them is a little black bumblebee which passed away in our garden, my husband found it and brought it in for me. They all remind me of the sweetness of life and friendship. The poster is of a sacred space in France – I found it in a library book years ago, have no idea where it is but i just love the image, speaks to me of the elven realms. #aedm2016

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