The Great Switcheroo (AEDM5)

switcherooI decided to do something a bit different yesterday for AEDM5: took a photo of all my winter gear dumped on mt bed, as it was the Great Switcheroo – the time of the year when I pack away most of my summer gear and unpack all my winter stuff.  Each year I forget how many jumpers I’ve got, but this year I did a ruthless (well, almost ruthless) de-clutter and put a fair few jumpers and tops away for the market stall run by Hope4Pets North Cyprus which helps street dogs and re-homing them.

In the summer – which here in North Cyprus is 38-40 (100-104F) each day – I usually wear short slip dresses which are nice and cool.  Autumn temps are usually around 23-28C which feel cold after the intense heat of summer, so now I’m wearing light tops and pants, with my summer gear packed away in a suitcase in our garden shed.

We now have our medium-weight doona on the bed, the fans have been packed away, the air-conditioners switched off completely and shortly we’ll be bringing out our portable gas heaters.  Winters here last from mid-December to mid-March and don’t go much below 8C/45F on a really cold day, but usually we get between 12-16C (54-61F). If we do get snow, it’s very light and doesn’t last long and everyone runs around screaming that snow has fallen!

This probably sounds quite weird to those of you used to much colder temperatures, snow storms and so on. And while the summer heat can be wearing, the temperatures the rest of the year are quite comfortable. Cyprus is in the Eastern Mediterranean and, while we do get hot weather, when you look at temperatures in Iran, Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries, you count your lucky stars we only get to around 40C, as some places can go up to 48-53C (118-127F).

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