Nasty Woman

I finally managed to track down a very nice, ergonomically designed office chair late yesterday, which was delivered at lunchtime, so back in business. Sort of. Because we had a 14-hour power cut, just in  our area of Alsancak, so nothing could be done internet-wise.

When I finally managed to get back on-line, I decided to go with a piece of acrylic art I created when I was living in Victoria, Australia. The body was composed of tiny, tumbled stones, it had a black feather hanging on the right for the flight of power and a clear quartz point hanging on the left for clarity of purpose and vision.

I was like a woman possessed creating this, I felt quite driven. Turned out she came into being at the beginning of a week when temperatures rocketed to 47C and on the Saturday huge bush fires swept through parts of Victoria, including close to wear I lived at the time. Close to 200 people died in the fires. It was a huge painting and eventually I gave it to a woman who said how much she loved it at a psychic fair where I was displaying various art pieces. She had no money so I gifted it to her as we were leaving Australia for North Cyprus and the Raging Lady couldn’t be fitted into our luggage.

The recipient said she was going to hang it in her bedroom which I thought was somewhat odd, she certainly wouldn’t send me to sleep or, if she did, she’d create nightmares. Anyway, she popped into my mind today and I simply couldn’t resist adding “Nasty Woman” as she really looked quite nightmarish in the original art piece and I would love to see her fronting up to Donald Trump



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