Faces (AEDM19)

This is a celebration of all the people in my life and the lovely faces I see each day of people smiling, laughing, looking serious, happy, bright, straight-faced – all utterly gorgeous and enriching my life every day!

Fly Me to the Moon (AEDM16)

I came across something I’d written a while back “Bury the Beige, Pimp the Purple” which inspired me to work with purple today. I dithered over what to call the image but then remembered that rather nice ballad “Fly Me to the Moon” and hey – I had the title! Save

Full Moon Mojo (AEDM15)

I created this from last night’s full moon which, in North Cyprus, anyway, looked only slightly bigger than usual. I did get some interesting pics from the cloud cover. So I played with one image in Pixlr and called it: Full Moon Mojo.